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Heads Up Display HUD

When you are needing a windshield replaced it’s important you select a company that uses the correct manufacturer procedures for your vehicle.  But, more importantly it’s important you have the correct windshield.  When the windscreen is replaced, the vehicle identification number and parts catalog must be consulted to ascertain whether the windscreen in question is… Read more »

Getting locked out of your car

Getting locked out of your car is really embarrassing and is something some people have never experienced before.  Usually once a week we receive a call from someone who has broken their own window to get into their vehicle.  Yesterday we received a call from a woman for a vent glass window on her Dodge… Read more »

2014 Subaru Crosstrek XV

When searching for a replacement windshield for your 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek you should make sure you let the customer service or auto glass technician know if your vehicle has heated seats, mirrors or the wiper deicer feature.  This will ensure they quote you the correct price for the replacement but more importantly bring the… Read more »

2014 Hyundai Sonata

The 2014 Hyundai Sonata comes in two versions the Hybrid version and the standard version.  When looking for windshield replacement on the standard version you want to make sure you know which windshield you have since there are two windshield part types available for this vehicle.  One part type has a heated wiper park area… Read more »

Reasons Glass, Windows and Windshields are breaking around the United States

I hear some funny stories while talking to customers daily and some  stand out more then others.  Most of the time if I am not extraordinarily busy I will ask how it happened and about 90 percent of the time I get an answer the other 10 percent of the time the person is either… Read more »

Today’s Broken Windshield Highlights

So recently I realized I have a treasure trove of stories on how windows, windshields, quarter glass, vent glass, side glass and back glass break.   I started to take notes on all my calls for the day and am going to share those with my audience.   Today here’s the list of reasons of… Read more »

Windshield Broken by Deer

Last week 4 of our customers hit deer with their vehicles some instances the deer hit them. I know a lot of people don’t believe in population control or killing animals however deer become very dangerous when you put them in on the road in front of cars. Some people will swerve to miss them… Read more »

Call 1-855-328-8001 For An Auto Glass Replacement Quote?

Need an Auto Glass Replacement Quote?  Call 1-855-328-8001 We will answer 24 Hours a Day 7 days a week

2006 BMW 750Li Windshield Replacement Prices, Costs & Quotes

[egr domain_id=”5″ key=”c7ef81e564d74e56de846315407bb66c”]   If you are needing a windshield replacement for your 2006 BMW 750Li then we can help you locate a qualified auto glass shop to repair or replace your glass. When researching the cos and prices you might find that prices around the web seem to vary drastically.  The cost will vary… Read more »

2009 Ford Escape Windshield Replacement Price Quote

[egr domain_id=”5″ key=”c7ef81e564d74e56de846315407bb66c”]   The cost to replace a 2009 Ford Escape Windshield in Memphis, Tn 38109 could vary depending on which company you select to do the work. We did some research around the internet and noticed there were a wide variety of price ranges on this particular vehicle. This vehicle comes with Green… Read more »