Windshield Broken by Deer

Last week 4 of our customers hit deer with their vehicles some instances the deer hit them. I know a lot of people don’t believe in population control or killing animals however deer become very dangerous when you put them in on the road in front of cars. Some people will swerve to miss them and end up in the opposite lane of oncoming traffic and get into head on collisions killing innocent people over over populated animals. Deer naturally don’t have very many predators and due to the vast amounts of corn and other food resources the United States offers deer are all over the place. November is the hunting season and also is a season for breeding for deer called “Rut” Basically deer start fighting and running around wild protecting their territory. They have deer “rubs” which are basically trees where they scratch the velvet off their antlers and rub them to demonstrate their size and also their territory. When Deer meets car or Deer meets windshield usually something on the car gets broken and it’s usually a side window, side mirror or even a windshield. I’ve had a personal friend have all of his windows broken out of a late model Chevrolet Cavalier because the Buck (Adult Male Deer) ran smack dab into the drivers side window striking his vehicle at a high speed and the pressure ended up breaking every other window out in the car besides the windshield. The Buck’s hoof hit my friend in the ear causing him to get glass in his ear as well. Not so pleasant but I know there are many other stories. I started this post to demonstrate the dangers of Deer and car windows for those people who don’t realize the dangers involved with the white tail deer and automobiles. I’m going to start with a Toyota Prius that we fixed yesterday that was hit last week. This was deer #4 that we had for the week so we finally realized we needed to showcase this story. Luckily no person was hurt however the deer unfortunately did not make it.



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