Today’s Broken Windshield Highlights

So recently I realized I have a treasure trove of stories on how windows, windshields, quarter glass, vent glass, side glass and back glass break.   I started to take notes on all my calls for the day and am going to share those with my audience.   Today here’s the list of reasons of why windows broke……


  1. Backed into a mailbox
  2. Break in
  3. Chip in it and it cracked as soon as it got cold and below freezing
  4. following a truck and a rock came thru started as a little chip and turned into a huge crack
  5. ran into something
  6. Rock Chip
  7. Heat running inside the car and the window was cold and the person slammed the door and broke it
  8. Crazy EX Girlfriend Driver Front Door Glass
  9. Rock Chipped it first and then it spread
  10. The Club (The steering wheel car security device) tapped the windshield and cracked it.   He said he barely tapped it however it doesn’t take much pressure to break a windshield.  I once seen a man karate chop a windshield from the inside of a mustang and break the windshield!!!
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