Reasons Glass, Windows and Windshields are breaking around the United States

I hear some funny stories while talking to customers daily and some  stand out more then others.  Most of the time if I am not extraordinarily busy I will ask how it happened and about 90 percent of the time I get an answer the other 10 percent of the time the person is either so upset they don’t want to share the reason why the breakage happened.

  1. Hit a pole and it shattered the back glass
  2. person woke up one morning and there was a crack on the right side of the windshield and within one month the crack had spread across the entire windshield
  3. In the DC Area there is a lot of construction on the 95 and a rock had jumped up out of no where and struck the windshield breaking the glass
  4. A Honda Odyssey had a allen wrench thrown thru the window
  5. A Break in for a book bag (this is a common problem when you leave anything valuable or looks like it could contain something valuable in it)
  6. Another vehicle got hit by a rock on the way to work
  7. Rear view mirror came off and when trying to reattach it it caused the windshield to crack.

Everyday there is always a few new stories and that’s what makes the day interesting.  If you encounter a broken window in your vehicle give us a call and we can replace your glass.  We offer mobile service throughout the U.S.  We offer discounts to Military and Teachers.



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