Getting locked out of your car

Getting locked out of your car is really embarrassing and is something some people have never experienced before.  Usually once a week we receive a call from someone who has broken their own window to get into their vehicle.  Yesterday we received a call from a woman for a vent glass window on her Dodge Dart.  I asked her how it broke and she said she had broken it to get into her car because her baby was locked inside.  A baby locked inside a vehicle is never a good thing.  She claimed she had a wireless key fob that she put inside her purse and it was in the vehicle and she was outside the vehicle cleaning the snow off when she realized she was locked out of her car.  She started to panic and smashed the vent window on her new Dart to get to her baby.  Some newer vehicles are utilizing this technology however the technology ended up costing this car owner some money because if you leave the vehicle running and close the car door they lock automatically since the vehicle is running.  If you are in the same situation we recommend you break a door glass window rather then a quarter glass or vent window it will save yourself some money!  Also don’t leave your key in the car with it running and close the doors if you have an automatic locking system like this customer did.  Learn from her mistake!

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