Author: Joe Newsome

2005 Ford Escape Back Glass Popped

Today we received a phone call from a customer in Fort Worth, Texas that had a back glass spontaneously break on a 2005 Ford Escape.  The vehicle owner claims her neighbor came over to her house and told her “hey did you know you have a broken window”.  There were no other windows broken in… Read more »

Passenger Front Door Glass Replacement

This is a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze passenger front door glass we recently replaced.  We replaced the window in Henderson, Nevada 89120.  If you are located off the strip in Green Valley as this person was that is not a problem just give us a call and we can come to you and fix your glass.

Top Molding Missing

  Here’s an issue that we come across from time to time and it’s moldings missing and people wanting us to fix broken moldings.  In most situations a molding from another company or installer has been installed incorrectly and that company has either refused to fix it or the person has called us because they… Read more »

Hood Versus Windshield

At Emergency Glass Repair every repair and situation we encounter is unique in some sort of way however most of the time the culprit is the same. For example the vehicle below had a faulty hood latch and the hood flew up and broke the windshield and damaged the 2001 Honda Civic.  This can be a very… Read more »


The Lexus ES 300H Hybrid has 7 different replacement options.  This vehicle can have features like a rain sensor, heated wiper park area, lane departure warning system, diversity antenna, humidity sensor.  If you need your windshield replaced you need to get your VIN number and contact the dealer first to determine which features your vehicle… Read more »

2007 Honda Odyssey

Today we are fixing a rear passenger side sliding glass door on a 2007 Honda Odyssey.  This particular vehicle was broken into and a purse was stolen.  Every day we get calls from people who have had their window smashed by someone.  Most of the time the vehicle owner has left a bag or item… Read more »

2015 Subaru Forester

This 2015 Subaru Forester got broken into.  We were able to fix the glass within 24 hours of the initial phone call.  If you are lucky enough to own a Subaru Forester but are unlucky enough to need a window replaced then give us a call and we can help you out.  A Rear Passenger… Read more »

Break-Ins and Smash and Grab thefts

We receive hundreds of phone calls monthly due to peoples vehicles getting broken into. We call these incidents “Smash and Grabs” or “Break-Ins”. This happens mainly because thieves see something in the vehicle that looks like it is valuable and they break in. Common things left in cars that cause people to break-in are: Book… Read more »

2003 Mazda protégé five back glass replacement

If you have a Mazda Protege and need a back glass replacement then give us a call we can help you fix your window!