2005 Ford Escape Back Glass Popped

Today we received a phone call from a customer in Fort Worth, Texas that had a back glass spontaneously break on a 2005 Ford Escape.  The vehicle owner claims her neighbor came over to her house and told her “hey did you know you have a broken window”.  There were no other windows broken in the neighborhood and nothing was stolen.  The vehicle owners son did some researching online and found in fact there is a known issue with the back glass popping and breaking on it’s own.  No recall has been issued at this time.  The cost for the replacement is a little less the $350.00 so most people will opt to pay for the broken glass out of pocket rather then file an insurance claim.

There is a substantial amount of documentation online regarding Spontenous breakage. Apparently the glass really breaks….spontaneously“ – that means with any outside influence.

The cause of the spontaneous breakage lies in the glass itself.  It can be traced back to Nickel Sulphide inclusions which are so small they cannot be detected automatically.  From our understanding what happens is the inclusion of the Nickel Sulfide expands during temperature changes and it subsequently pushes against the surrounding glass with an increasing force and any stress that is put on the glass can in fact break the glass.


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Ford Escape with broken back glass


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