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Volvo Car Corporation, mainly known as just Volvo, is a Swedish automobile maker that was established in 1927, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo began as a subsidiary company to make ball bearings, but then ventured into the automobile business. The company established itself in the United States in 1955, and introduced its first sports car, the P1800, in 1960. Volvo was owned by the original owner until 1999 when it was sold to the Ford Motor Company as part of its Premier Automotive Group. Ford then sold Volvo to the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010.

Volvo prides itself on safety, with many airbag innovations and Roll Stability Control, which really appeal to its consumer base. Older style Volvos were said to have boxy designs, but in recent years the company has changed for a more sleek and elegant design.

Volvo car models include, but are not limited to, the Volvo S40, the Volvo S60, the Volvo S80, the Volvo C30, the Volvo C70, the Volvo 240, the Volvo 740, the Volvo 760, the Volvo 780, Volvo 850, the Volvo 940, the Volvo 960, the Volvo S70, and the Volvo S90.

Volvo crossover/wagon models include, but are not limited to, the Volvo XC60, the Volvo XC70, the Volvo XC90, the Volvo V50, the Volvo V70, the Volvo V40, and the Volvo V90.

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