This week was rather interesting we had some interesting calls.  We received two calls in which deer were involved in the broken windshields however it is the “Rut” season and deer are running around wild.  The vast majority of our calls seem to be rocks hitting windshields however from time to time we do get a few interesting stories.  This week we had a boyfriend break a window on his girlfriend’s aunt’s minivan.  We also had a few break ins one in particular that stood out the person informed me his wedding ring was stolen out of his bag in his car.  Most of our break in calls end up happening because someone left a bag or something of value in sight.  Our recommendation is to remove all items from your vehicle and place them in your trunk or under the seat.  By leaving valuable items or items that look like they might contain items of value in your car on your seat you are tempting these thieves to break your glass and steal your stuff.  Apple items are a very hot item now and we get a few calls a week where iPads are being stolen so if you have an iPad, macbook air, iPhone, iPhone, iPod, macbook pro or any Apple anything make sure you lock it up in the trunk, glove compartment, hide it underneath your seat or better yet bring it with you.  Taking the proper precautions will keep you having to call us and spend money on broken windows.

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