Tesla S Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

  • The2013 TESLA S 4 DOOR HATCHBACKhas 2 windshield options and they are:

    Rain Sensor-Solar Coated with a Third Visor Frit

    Rain Sensor-Solar Coated with a Heated Wiper Park Area

    The estimated cost for the windshield replacement for the Heated Wiper Park are windshield is around $650.00 where the windshield that just has the Rain sensor is around $950.00 however these are just estimated costs. To Find out exactly what a replacement windshield costs fill out our form and we will respond with a real quote for your Tesla.

    You can tell if your Tesla has a Heated Wiper Park Area by looking at your windshield where the wipers rest and looking to see if there are antenna lines in the winshield. This will identify the Heated Wiper Park area and by process of elimination you can simply tell which glass replacement part you will need. The other way is to get the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) and contact a Tesla dealer and they will be able to tell you what features your vehicle has.