Saturn Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

About Saturn


It was a quick rise and then a sudden fall for the Saturn brand of automobiles. The Saturn Corporation was formed in 1985 as a subsidiary of General Motors to compete against Japans efficient imports that were dominating the marketplace for that type of vehicle. It was a very unique brand due to the fact that it operated mostly out of the confines of General Motors, for Saturn had its own plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, had models that were unique to itself, and even had their own, separate retail network. The Saturn brand had a clear direction from the start, as Saturn tried to be a different kind of car company. The first Saturn vehicles rolled off the line in Spring Hill, in 1990. They manufactured small, efficient cars throughout the 1990s, but then expanded to include a midsize car and a compact SUV to keep pace with consumer demands. Unfortunately, however, the economic and financial times of recent years forced companies to make some tough decisions, and when General Motors went into bankruptcy in the 2009 it was determined that Saturn vehicles would be discontinued. General Motors almost sold the brand to the Penske Automotive Group, but that fell through when they withdrew their bid.

Saturn car models include, but are not limited to, the Saturn Astra, the Saturn Aura, the Saturn Aura Green Line, the Saturn Aura Hybrid, the Saturn Ion, the Saturn L, the Saturn LS, the Saturn LW, the Saturn Outlook, the Saturn Relay, the Saturn SC, the Saturn Sky, the Saturn SL, the Saturn SW, the Saturn Vue, the Saturn Vue Green Line, and the Saturn Vue Hybrid.

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