Porsche Panamera Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

  • Porsche Panamara Windshield Replacement

    The Porsche Panamara is a four door sedan. There are seven variants here- Panamara, Panamara 4, Panamara S, Panamara 4S, Panamara S Hybrid, Panamara Turbo, and the Panamara Turbo S.

    About the Glass on the Porsche Panamara

    The car comes with standard heat insulated tinted glass (the windshield has a gray top tint). The windshield and the other glasses filter the sunlight entering the cabin, making it comfortable. If you want more insulation against noise and infra-red radiation, there is an option for noise and thermally insulated privacy glazed glass.

    The front windows have been given a water and dirt repellent coating, providing optimum visibility even when the weather is poor. Note that the surface finish has to be occasionally renewed, depending on how much you use the vehicle. The wiper on the windshield is controlled by a rain sensor. When it starts raining, the wipers will turn on automatically. The rain sensor will adjust the wiper to the amount of rain that falls. There is also an option for a rear wiper (standard on the Panamara S Hybrid).

    Cost of the Windshield on the Porsche Panamara

    The average cost of repairing the windshield on the Porsche Panamara is $129.95. The cost of replacing the windshield is $753.95. Note that these are only average prices and the cost will differ between states.

    For the Porsche Panamara, only OEM glass is recommended. The windshield has several unique features and comes with accessories such as an accessory bracket for the GPS and rain sensor, upper molding, setting blocks and more.

    The glass is pre-primed, so the technician does not have to apply primer when he installs the glass. When the auto glass technician finishes installing the glass, he must find out if there are any leaks around the edges with a leak detector. The bonding must be given adequate time to cure before the vehicle is taken back from the auto glass technician.

    The Overhead Center Console on the Porsche Panamara is difficult to remove. If proper care not taken during its removal, the clips that hold it may get damaged. This can result in the cost of your replacement being more if the auto glass shop passes that cost onto you the consumer. Beware of that!

    Contact Us in Case of Porsche Panamara Auto Glass Problems

    Sometimes a power window may stop working. If this happens, there may be something wrong with the regulator. Our technicians can also replace faulty regulators.

    To get a windshield, window regulator, or auto glass repair quote on the Porsche Panamara, please fill the form on our website. One of our auto glass technicians will get in touch with you shortly with a quote.