Pontiac Vibe Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

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    Company Type:Discontinued division of GM; General Motors

    Years in operation:1926-2010

    Years in production: 1926-2010

    Headquarters:Detroit Michigan


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    Pontiac Vibe Windshield

    This vehicle does give off the right vibes especially to owners who have an eye for good design. The Pontiac Vibe is a practical compact hatchback that also has the head turning looks that make it a favorite with the younger generation. To retain this cars appealing looks and driving safety make sure that you keep its eight auto glass parts including the Pontiac Vibe Windshield in showroom condition at all times.

    Effective Repairs at Affordable Prices

    Choose your technician from our directory and you are sure to get effective Pontiac Vibe Windshield repairs at reasonable cost. Expect to spend about $175 if your windshield has 3 to 5 cracks on it (Safelite.com estimates). Beware of amateurs offering low cost repairs since these may not be effective at all. To keep cost low, poor quality spares maybe used in such repairs. Rock bottom pricing may also mean that the repair is not covered by warranty which means that if air leaks or water leaks occur in the same location, you have to spend once again on repairs.

    In general, cut cracks or small combi- cracks can be repaired quite effectively using the resin injection method. Once you have your Pontiac Vibe Windshield repaired by an experienced technician using this method, you can put off replacing the glass indefinitely.

    Only those auto glass shops are listed in our directory, that have earned a reputation for reliable, flawless service. When you need effective repairs for your Pontiac Vibe Windshield, the easiest thing to do is call in our exclusive local service provider.

    Replacing the Windshield

    According to Safelite.com estimates, you may have to spend around $360 to replace the front windshield of your 2010 model Vibe. Since this service is so much more expensive than repairs, you should only opt for spares/ glass that give you long lasting solutions. Opt for OEM glass and factory approved sealants to get the most durable and long lasting replacements. These may cost more than imported alternatives but they offer better value for your money.

    Shopping for quotes is a good way to find good deals in the market. But you should know that labor costs vary from state to state across the U.S. and this could impact Pontiac Vibe Windshield replacement costs. In general, you will also find that replacements are cheaper when you get them done in coastal locations.