Need an OEM Replacement windshield for your 2012 Ford F150 Platinum 4 Door Crew Cab?

We can offer OEE “Original Equipment Equivalent” or also known as Aftermarket Replacement Glass or we can also provide an “OE” Original Equipment Part if you are needing to replace your windshield on your F150.

The 2012 Ford F150 4 Door Crew Cab has some replacement options.

When you call we will ask you the following:

Is it a 2 door or 4 door?

Standard Windshield option:
SOLAR~W/THIRD VISOR FRIT Estimated Replacement Cost is just under $300.00 and this is just a ballpark figure please call for a quote or fill out our form and we will email and text you a price quote.

Do you have the ‘F150’ logo on your windshield?
This will have it’s own part number and be different then the Platinum replacement windshield. The cost for the replacement is estimated around $400.00 Please call to confirm because prices are always subject to change and based on location and availability.

Is your F Series the Platinum Edition? The Platinum comes equipped with a rain sensor, acoustic interlayer and it is also a solar coated windshield with a third visor frit. This is an OEM only part and we would use the Carlite part and the cost is around an estimated $500.00 for a full replacement. Please call however prices are subject to change and based on location and availability.

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