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    Company Type:Division of Toyota Motor Corporation

    Years in operation: 1989-Current

    Years in production: 1989-Current

    Headquarters:Toyota City, Japan

    Locations: Worldwide

    Lexus OEM :AGC Glass

    2012 Lexus ES 300 Models:Lexus ES 300

    ES-300 Windshield

    The plush interiors, smooth engine performance and sleek looks give the ES-500 owner a great driving experience that is not easy for other automobiles to match. Although this Lexus can be fitted out with many extra features, even without these the vehicle is quite a pleasure to travel in. Keeping your Lexus safe and comfortable at all times is not difficult provided you maintain the ES-300 Windshield in good condition. Locate experienced auto glass technicians in your locality with ease by browsing through our directory listings.

    Windshield Repair by Skilled Professionals

    When your ES-300 Windshield sustains crack or chip damage, it is time to call in the professionals. Although you may know amateurs who offer cheap, quick fixes for windshield cracks and chips, they are best avoided. These are the reasons why:

    Unless effective methods are used to repair the damage, there is the risk that it will spread until you are forced to replace the entire ES-300 Windshield. Trust your Lexus only to auto glass technicians who are well versed with the latest resin injection repair technique.

    Trained and experienced technicians know that damaged glass is already stressed significantly. When carrying out the repair, they ensure that no further stress is put on the ES-300 Windshield. This eliminates the risk of shattering the glass during the repair process.

    By curing and polishing the resin post injection, the expert technician restores clarity to the damaged area of the ES-300 Windshield. This means that you regain perfect driving visibility when you opt for repairs from skilled professionals employing effective repair methods.

    Replacing the Windshield

    Professional care from reputed auto glass shops is the best choice when you need to replace your ES-300 Windshield too. Always entrust your Lexus to shops that are committed to using OEM glass and high quality sealers. These give you the best possible and longest lasting replacement solutions.

    Remember that improper fitting of the new ES-300 Windshield to cause the glass to come under stress. Ensure that you choose only experienced and trained technicians to handle the replacement to get perfect fits. Choose your auto glass shop from our listings and you are sure to get excellent service and professional care at budget prices when you require ES-300 Windshield replacement.