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The purpose of this blog post is to offer some clarification on how the auto glass business works in the United States.  Often times we receive calls 24 hours a day for “Emergency Glass Repair Service”  We offer a platform for our prospective customers to input their vehicle information and receive a quote and connect with local mobile glass installers.  We understand that having a broken window can be a stressful situation and getting the window fixed as fast as possible is very important to you.  However, there are thousands of different vehicles on the road and each vehicle has in most cases 6 pieces of glass with each piece of glass being completely unique from the other pieces of glass and with that being said it takes a very large facility to warehouse the glass for every vehicle on the road.  Not to mention that some vehicles have glass that is limited availability and needs to be ordered from the dealership which makes the process take even longer.  In most cities there are more then one wholesale glass suppliers that warehouse the glass.  Independent glass shops rely on these warehouses to supply them with the auto glass replacement parts needed to complete the installations.

At Emergency Glass Repair we offer a service to help expedite and facilitate the process for a speedy glass replacement.  We realize just having the piece of mind of knowing when your vehicles glass will be replaced will help ease the stress of the situation.

In the United States most wholesale glass warehouses are open Monday Thru Friday from 7:00AM-5:00PM and typically open from 7:00AM-1:00PM on Saturdays.  Wholesale Suppliers hours vary from city to city and company to company.  This is the reason why it is sometimes impossible for a window to be fixed after-hours.  Most consumers have unrealistic expectations when it comes to Emergency Glass Repair services because they don’t understand how the auto glass business works.  If you broke any other part on your vehicle it would be very difficult to find that part in the middle of the night because the places that sell the parts for example  Auto Zone or The Car Dealership are only open during normal business hours.

Emergency Glass Repair offers a 24 hour hotline to call and get a quote or schedule service.  If you are victim of a break-in and are searching for a company to replace the window during non business hours like in the evening or weekend then you will spend a great deal of time to only find out that the part can not be located to do the replacement.  The only alternative solution is to find a salvage yard (JunkYard) that has the part.  If you need to schedule replacement service then contact us and we will happily assist you.

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