Ford Fusion Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

2012 Ford Fusion Windshield replacement needed?

If so, Is your vehicle equipped with rain sensing wipers that adjust their speed automatically when it rains?  If you are not sure and don’t know it most likely does not but to be certain we would ask you for the vin. 

Vin Location in the USA:  In front of the steering wheel on the driver side so the front left side of the vehicle and also inside the driver side door on the sticker.  The vin can also be found on your vehicle registration, insurance card, most emails from your insurance provider also contain the vin number and the original window sticker from date of purchase will include the vin and vehicle equipped options.   Not every option is the same price so replacement costs may vary from part to part.  Certain models require additional work to perform a safe replacement and that will affect the cost for that vehicle.


Finding the correct replacement part ensures the windshield will fit and the features on your vehicle will function as they did in the past prior to replacing the glass.  Price quotes over the phone will most likely vary from auto glass company to auto glass company because not every company will most likely be able to accurately determine which option your vehicle has.  When you are calling around & shopping around remember the price quoted could be completely inaccurate if the company providing the quote doesn’t accurately determine which replacement part is needed.  Also, If you make a mistake and the installer arrives with the wrong part the appointment will have to be rescheduled.  Some companies are inexperienced and will make mistakes so making sure you know about your vehicle and it’s options can be to your advantage.

DW01782 Acoustic Interlayer

Dealer Part Number: AE5Z5403100B

DW01829 Acoustic Interlayer, Rain Sensor

Dealer Part Number: BE5Z5403100C

DW01935 GBY FYG Aftermarket Glass with Rain Sensor

Estimated Replacement cost $339.00 $459.00 on 9-9-2022

Ford Fusion Windshield Replacement

Ford Fusion Windshield Replacement Price, Cost & Quotes

Company Type: Public Company; Ford Motor Company

Years in operation: 1903-Current

Years in production: 1903-Current

Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan

Locations: Worldwide

Ford OEM: Carlite

2012 Ford Fusion Models: Ford Fusion I4 S, I4 SE, V6 SE, I4 SEL, V6 SEL, Sport, Hybrid

If you are replacing the windshield on a 2012 Ford Fusion we will have one question for you first and that question Is your vehicle equipped with rain-sensing wipers that turn on automatically if it begins to rain or do they automatically change speed based upon the amount of moisture on your windshield?

Fusion Windshield Replacement

The responsive steering and stylish yet solid body design make the Fusion a classy mid size automobile to own. This vehicle comes with a roomy cabin that affords great comfort for the passenger as well as driver. The Ford Fusions sporty drive sets it apart from peers from other brands and underscores its success rate. Maintaining your Ford Fusion Windshield in good condition allows you to drive safely even when you are testing the cars limits while zooming down long stretches of road.

Use our directory to locate reliable and experienced auto glass shops in your locality to service your Fusion Windshield when it sustains damage. To find the best deals, gather quotes using our online quote form and comparison shop.

Why Repairs are Preferable to Replacements?

Savvy vehicle owners always have the windshield damage assessed by an expert to determine if it can be repaired. Only if repair is not possible do they consider replacing the glass. There are many reasons why repairs are such a preferred option.

The first and most attractive benefit is that repairs cost just about a fraction of what you may have to spend on replacements. An effective repair restores your Fusion Windshield to its original condition so you do not have to consider replacing it to regain driving visibility. Since most insurance companies accept repairs there is also no need to worry about the costs.

When you repair your glass instead of discarding the damaged Fusion Windshield to make way for new, you also avoid adding more non- recyclable waste to our landfills. For those who understand the importance of going green this is a compelling reason to avoid replacing the windshield when repairs are possible.

To find out if your damaged Fusion Windshield can be repaired effectively, take the advice of an experienced and skilled technician whom you trust. Locate trustworthy technicians who can give you objective advice by browsing through our directory listings.

When to Opt for Replacement

While repairs are the preferred choice, there may some situations when the technician recommends replacing the glass to ensure your driving safety. Often, auto glass shops hesitate to carry out repairs when the damage is right over the acute area of the windshield. Replacement may be the safer option if the damage has seriously weakened the windshield structural integrity beyond salvage too. Always heed the advice of a trusted technician when he tells you to opt for replacing the Fusion Windshield.

Chicago, Illinois 60657 prices quoted from Safelite on 1/26/2012 for the below listed vehicles

Would you like your windshield replaced or repaired? Replaced
If there are more than five chips or cracks on your windshield, or if any of the damage is larger than a dollar bill, choose to Replace.

2006 Ford Fusion

Web-Only Price: $318.95 For the windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

Web-Only Price: $544.95 Rear Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

2007 Ford Fusion

Web-Only Price: $328.95 For the Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

Web-Only Price: $538.95 Rear Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

2008 Ford Fusion

Web-Only Price: $334.95 Front Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

Web-Only Price: $548.95 Rear Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

2009 Ford Fusion

Web-Only Price: $338.95Front Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

Web-Only Price: $554.95Rear Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

2010 Ford Fusion

Web-Only Price: $388.95 Front Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

Web-Only Price: $478.95Rear Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

2011 Ford Fusion

Web-Only Price: $478.95Web-Only Price: $478.95 Rear Windshield
(includes labor, before tax and service fee(s))

Ford Fusion Price Breakdown

Nation-wide costs for Ford Fusion auto glass

These are national highs, lows, and averages over the lifetime of specific year, make, models and glass types. Parts, labor, and the year the repair was done will affect pricing.

2016FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$357$295$427
2015FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$436$350$635
2014FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$482$220$1,064
2013FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$543$297$984
2012FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$325$195$411
2011FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$355$326$429
2010FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$293$290$299
2009FordFusionWindshield with rain sensor$296$281$306

Ford Fusion Prices

For mobile windshield replacement, door glass and back glass quotes

Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

01-27-20232019FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 Washington, LA 70589
01-26-20232015FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Virginia Beach, VA 23462
01-25-20232012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $418 Cassville, WI 53806
01-21-20232006FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $370 Akron, OH 44314
01-19-20232015FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Pittsburgh, PA 15202
01-19-20232013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Vincennes, IN 47591
01-16-20232010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $375 Santa Rosa, CA 95403
01-16-20232012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $412 Santa Rosa, CA 95403
01-11-20232013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Victorville, CA 92392
01-08-20232008FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $299 Minneapolis, MN 55426
01-08-20232013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Lafayette, IN 47905
01-06-20232010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $376 Billings, MT 59101
01-04-20232014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Okawville, IL 62271
01-04-20232020FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $1,034 Grosse Pointe, MI 48236
01-03-20232014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Raleigh, NC 27609
12-31-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $984 York, SC 29745
12-30-20222006FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $370 Granbury, TX 76049
12-27-20222007FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $370 Robbinsville, NC 28771
12-27-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Ivanhoe, CA 93235
12-26-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $375 Mc Leansville, NC 27301
12-26-20222016FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $364 Paoli, IN 47454
12-24-20222019FordFusion Titanium (4 door) — Windshield with Rain Sensor and Heads Up Display $1,034 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
12-23-20222008FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $370 Acworth, GA 30102
12-21-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
12-15-20222017FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $364 Clayton, NC 27520
12-15-20222015FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Chicago, IL 60619
12-14-20222019FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield with Rain Sensor and Heads Up Display $1,034 Loveland, OH 45140
12-11-20222016FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $364 West Palm Beach, FL 33406
12-11-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with Rain Sensor and Heads Up Display $984 Richmond, CA 94804
12-10-20222016FordFusion S (4 door) — Windshield $235 Riverside, CA 92503
12-06-20222008FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $371 Republic, MO 65738
12-06-20222019FordFusion SEL (4 door) — Windshield $364 Seattle, WA 98122
12-05-20222009FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $370 Beachwood, OH 44122
12-03-20222020FordFusion SE (4 door) — Back Glass Coupe $523 Taylor, MI 48180
12-02-20222017FordFusion S (4 door) — Windshield $364 Detroit, MI 48224
12-02-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Dinwiddie, VA 23841
12-01-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Ballwin, MO 63011
11-28-20222015FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $395 Huntersville, NC 28078
11-28-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $881 Beaverton, OR 97006
11-28-20222011FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $405 North Augusta, SC 29860
11-27-20222019FordFusion SE (4 door) — Door Glass R/L Door Glass Driver Rear Left Door Glass $246 Kings Mountain, NC 28086
11-27-20222011FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $405 Cary, IL 60013
11-26-20222015FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $395 Federal Dam, MN 56641
11-25-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Door Glass R/L Door Glass Driver Rear Left Door Glass $256 Philadelphia, PA 19141
11-24-20222006FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $381 Sturgis, MI 49091
11-21-20222007FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with Rain Sensor and Heads Up Display $365 Richmond, IN 47374
11-21-20222017FordFusion Titanium (4 door) — Windshield $364 Olive Branch, MS 38654
11-14-20222011FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Back Glass Sedan Heated $432 Kansas City, MO 64127
11-14-20222008FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Back Glass Sedan Heated with Privacy Tint $430 Bend, OR 97701
11-14-20222014FordFusion Not Sure / Not List — Quarter Glass Passenger Side Right $442 Las Vegas, NV 89118
11-14-20222017FordFusion SE (4 door) — Back Glass Sedan Heated $391 Creighton, PA 15030
11-13-20222012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $410 Charlottesville, VA 22901
11-12-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $402 Auburn, AL 36830
11-12-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $881 Cuthbert, GA 39840
11-08-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with Acoustic Interlayer Rain/Light Sensor Heated Adaptive Cruise Control Lane Keep Assist Forward Collison Alert $750 Austin, TX 78758
11-08-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $393 Buffalo, NY 14219
11-06-20222011FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $295 Temecula, CA 92592
11-06-20222012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Back Glass Coupe $449 Cleveland, OH 44113
11-05-20222009FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $359 Wichita, KS 67213
11-04-20222012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $412 Oklahoma City, OK 73130
11-04-20222017FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $364 Dyersburg, TN 38024
11-04-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $862 Auburndale, WI 54412
11-03-20222008FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $359 Mansfield, OH 44903
10-29-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with Acoustic Interlayer $376 Caseyville, IL 62232
10-28-20222011FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $375 Grover, MO 63040
10-28-20222012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $389 Mc Kees Rocks, PA 15136
10-28-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Back Glass Sedan Heated $499 North Branch, MI 48461
10-23-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $401 Greeneville, TN 37745
10-22-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $389 Green Bay, WI 54304
10-22-20222007FordFusion Not Sure / Not List — Windshield $380 Topeka, KS 66605
10-21-20222012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $431 Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
10-18-20222020FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $1,024 Columbia, MO 65202
10-18-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $389 Laurel, IN 47024
10-14-20222007FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $388 Lytle Creek, CA 92358
10-12-20222020FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 Valencia, CA 91355
10-12-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $403 Salem, OR 97301
10-10-20222017FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 Streator, IL 61364
10-09-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $1,084 Pullman, WA 99163
10-08-20222018FordFusion SE (4 door) — Back Glass Sedan Heated $579 Hammond, IN 46323
10-08-20222017FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 Bangor, ME 04401
10-08-20222019FordFusion SEL (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 New Albany, IN 47150
10-07-20222017FordFusion S (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 Lexington, NC 27292
10-06-20222017FordFusion Sport (4 door) — Windshield $1,034 Fairfield, CT 06825
10-06-20222007FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $419 Winston Salem, NC 27127
10-05-20222018FordFusion Not Sure / Not List — Windshield $1,034 Winter Haven, FL 33880
10-04-20222018FordFusion Not Sure / Not List — Door Glass L/F Left Front Driver Door Glass $359 Warren, OH 44485
10-03-20222019FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield with Electrochromic Mirror $1,034 Frederick, MD 21704
10-03-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $514 Indianapolis, IN 46224
10-02-20222017FordFusion Platinum (4 door) — Door Glass R/R Door Glass Passenger Rear Right Door Glass $349 Santa Rosa, CA 95403
10-01-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $439 Goodman, MO 64843
09-30-20222016FordFusion SE (4 door) — Windshield $984 San Bernardino, CA 92404
09-29-20222014FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $984 Dayton, OH 45403
09-28-20222010FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $439 Prineville, OR 97754
09-28-20222012FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $439 Green Bay, WI 54301
09-26-20222019FordFusion SEL (4 door) — Windshield with Acoustic Interlayer Rain/Light Sensor Heated Adaptive Cruise Control Lane Keep Assist Forward Collison Alert $1,154 Aberdeen, WA 98520
09-26-20222013FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $489 Amarillo, TX 79119
09-23-20222011FordFusion Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $429 Russell Springs, KY 42642
09-23-20222018FordFusion Not Sure / Not List — Windshield $469 Salisbury, NC 28146
09-20-20222019FordFusion SEL (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $882 Sturgis, MI 49091
09-18-20222016FordFusion Titanium (4 door) — Windshield $827 Depew, NY 14043

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