Ford Edge Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

If you have a 2018 Ford Edge, be aware the Ford Edge has 2 different windshield replacement options so depending on what style Ford Edge you have will determine the replacement part needed and the cost for the replacement windshield on your Edge.  Not every option is the same price so replacement costs may vary from part to part.  Certain models require additional work to perform a safe replacement and that will affect the cost for that vehicle.  Finding the correct replacement part ensures the windshield will fit and the features on your vehicle will function as they did in the past prior to replacing the glass.  Price quotes over the phone will most likely vary from auto glass company to auto glass company because not every company will most likely be able to accurately determine which option your vehicle has.  When you are calling around & shopping around remember the price quoted could be completely inaccurate if the company providing the quote doesn’t accurately determine which replacement part is needed.  Also, If you make a mistake and the installer arrives with the wrong part the appointment will have to be rescheduled.  Some companies are inexperienced and will make mistakes so making sure you know about your vehicle and it’s options can be to your advantage.

  1. Solar, W/Third Visor Band, soundproofing, Heated glass Wiper Park Area
  2. Solar, W/Third Visor Band, soundproofing, with Lane Departure Warning System, W/Rain Sensor, Heated glass Wiper Park Area



Ford Edge Mobile windshield replacement prices, costs and quotes from local auto glass shops across the U.S. If you are looking for a quote then fill out our form and receive a call back with a price quote from a local technician that can repair or replace your glass on your Edge. We will send your information to a local shop and they will call and email you back a price quote.

Ford Edge Auto Glass Quotes

Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

Car Glass Quote Date Location
2018 Ford Edge Windshield $584.98 2022-08-06 Sedalia, CO
2022 Ford Edge Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area $1244.98 2022-08-04 Pomeroy, IA
2018 Ford Edge Windshield $624.98 2022-07-29 Fort Smith, AR
2016 Ford Edge Windshield $639.99 2022-07-21 Broadalbin, NY
2017 Ford Edge Windshield $559.99 2022-07-20 Southlake, TX
2019 Ford Edge Windshield with electrochromic mirror and rain sensor $575.00 2022-07-18 Temecula, CA
2018 Ford Edge Windshield with rain sensor $499.00 2022-07-18 Ridgeland, MS
2013 Ford Edge Windshield $409.00 2022-07-17 Chester, VA
2008 Ford Edge Windshield $279.00 2021-06-17 Sacramento, CA
2008 Ford Edge Back glass-lift gate-privacy tint-heated-with defrost $484.04 2021-04-24 Columbus, OH
2012 Ford Edge Windshield $358.16 2021-04-08 Nettleton, MS
2007 Ford Edge Windshield $335.10 2021-04-07 Matteson, IL
2014 Ford Edge Windshield $358.15 2021-03-17 Spring Arbor, MI
2013 Ford Edge Windshield $358.15 2021-03-17 Caldwell, ID
2008 Ford Edge Windshield $335.10 2021-03-16 Priddy, TX
2011 Ford Edge Windshield $383.91 2020-11-27 Chicago, IL
2011 Ford Edge Windshield with electrochromic mirror and rain sensor $383.91 2020-11-25 ,
2014 Ford Edge Driver front door glass-laminated $379.90 2020-11-12 Saint Paul, MN
2010 Ford Edge Quarter glass passenger side $472.80 2020-11-11 Beebe, AR
2009 Ford Edge Windshield $361.91 2020-10-30 Hillsboro, OH
2013 Ford Edge Windshield $275.00 2020-10-27 Huntington Beach, CA
2009 Ford Edge Windshield $361.91 2020-10-23 ,
2013 Ford Edge Windshield $383.91 2020-10-05 Kalamazoo, MI
2008 Ford Edge Windshield $361.91 2020-10-02 Albion, PA
2014 Ford Edge Windshield $383.91 2020-09-28 Kalamazoo, MI
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