Don’t pour hot water on a cold windshield

With the recent cold front across the United States a lot of people are finding out the hard way that you should not put hot water on a cold windshield.  Sudden changes in temperatures can cause a windshield to crack quickly.  We have been hearing multiple stories from people across the United States where people are pouring hot water onto their windshield and then ending up with a cracked windshield.  If you think you can unfreeze your windshield faster by pouring hot water on the windshield then think again you will likely end up with a crack in your windshield.  Some glass is breaking just from people turing on their heat or defrost feature.  When the temperature changes from cold to hot to fast and glass is involved you may find out the hard way that you could end up with a crack.  If you do have a cracked windshield then give us a call and we can help you fix it.

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