Chrysler 200 Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes


If you have a 2018 CHRYSLER 200, 4 DOOR SEDAN, be aware the Chrysler 200 has 6 different windshield replacement options so depending on what style Chrysler 200 you have will determine the replacement part needed and the cost for the replacement windshield on your Chrysler 200.  Not every option is the same price so replacement costs may vary from part to part.  Certain models require additional work to perform a safe replacement and that will affect the cost for that vehicle.  Finding the correct replacement part ensures the windshield will fit and the features on your vehicle will function as they did in the past prior to replacing the glass.  Price quotes over the phone will most likely vary from auto glass company to auto glass company because not every company will most likely be able to accurately determine which option your vehicle has.  When you are calling around & shopping around remember the price quoted could be completely inaccurate if the company providing the quote doesn’t accurately determine which replacement part is needed.  Also, If you make a mistake and the installer arrives with the wrong part the appointment will have to be rescheduled.  Some companies are inexperienced and will make mistakes so making sure you know about your vehicle and it’s options can be to your advantage.  


Green Tint, Blue Shade


  • Auto dimming Mirror, Solar, W/Third Visor Band
  • Solar, W/Third Visor Band, W/Rear View Mirror Microp
  • Solar, W/Third Visor Band, W/Humidity Sensor
  • Solar, W/Third Visor Band, soundproofing, W/Humidity Sensor
  • Solar, soundproofing, W/Third Visor Band
  • Rain Sensor, Solar, soundproofing, W/Third Visor Band, with Lane Departure Warning System, W/Humidity Sensor


  • Company Type:Independent Company; Chrysler Group LLCYears in operation:1914-PresentYears in production: 1914-Present

    Headquarters:Auburn Hills, Michigan

    Locations: Worldwide

    Dodge OEM :Mopar

    2012 Dodge Stratus Models: Startus Coupe,StartusSedan


    Stratus Windshield

    The Dodge Stratus was based on the Chrysler JA platform. Its sport lines made it a very popular mid size car from this brand. The vehicle affords great value for money with its affordable price tag putting it well within reach of most families. Roomy interiors, a powerful engine and excellent safety features make the Dodge Stratus a great family car indeed. Ensure that your familys safety is never compromised while travelling in this vehicle by maintaining your Stratus Windshield in perfect condition at all times.

    Proper windshield maintenance includes getting damage rectified as soon as it occurs. In addition to getting timely repairs done you should also ensure that you only leave your Stratus Windshield in hands of experienced and trained technicians. Always listen to the technicians advice and recommendations, especially regarding the effectiveness of repairs when the damage is severe. Choose your auto glass shop from our directory listings and you are sure to get effective service from trustworthy technicians at budget rates.

    What is Effective Windshield Repair?

    A windshield repair is not just a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of your cracked or chipped windshield. While the glass does keep the heat, air and water out of your cars interiors, the windshield is also a critical safety feature of any vehicle. Effective repairs are those that ensure that your Stratus Windshield is in the right condition to carry out its safety functions correctly in addition to keeping the interiors comfortable and dry.

    To carry out a repair that is long lasting and that restores the Stratus Windshield to as close to its original condition as possible, it is important that proper repair techniques are employed. Identify a reputed auto glass shop from our directory that uses methods like adhesive injection to repair Stratus Windshield damage to get such effective repairs. You can also use our online request for quote form to compare rates offered by various auto glass shops in your locality for any auto glass service you may need.

    When to Replace your Stratus Windshield?

    Sometimes, the damage may be so severe that it cannot be repaired effectively. When the windshield sustains considerable impact, it may be weakened so badly that its structural integrity cannot be restored even through the most effective techniques. In such cases, your technician may advice you to replace the Stratus Windshield.

    Remember that in some states across the U.S., it is against the law to drive with windshield that is too badly damaged to offer the driver perfect visibility. Owing to this, when the damage is over the acute area of the Stratus Windshield, it may be best to replace the glass.

    When Stratus Windshield replacements become necessary, browse through our directory to find reliable auto glass shops that offer OEM replacements at affordable rates. Compare quotes to find the most attractive deals in the market.

  • Windshield Replacement Cost for 2012 Chrysler 200

    Estimated Price: $439.99

    1. In the spring of 2023, the estimated researched price for replacing the windshield of a 2012 Chrysler 200 is $439.99. However, it’s important to note that prices are subject to change and may vary depending on various factors, such as the type of glass used.
    2. Types of Glass
    3. When considering windshield replacement, there are different types of glass options to choose from. These include Original Equipment (OE), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and Aftermarket glass. Each type may have different pricing considerations.
    4. Glass Pricing Factors
    5. The cost of windshield replacement can vary based on the type of glass selected. Original Equipment glass refers to the glass manufactured by the vehicle’s original maker, while Original Equipment Manufacturer glass is produced by a third-party company approved by the automaker. Aftermarket glass is manufactured by companies not affiliated with the original manufacturer. Prices may differ based on the type of glass chosen.
    6. Calibration Method
    7. For certain Chrysler vehicles, such as the 2012 Chrysler 200, a specific calibration method called Chrysler Dynamic Calibration is required during windshield replacement. This calibration ensures proper functionality of vehicle systems related to the windshield, and the cost may be included in the overall replacement price.
    8. Original Equipment Glass Manufacturers for Chrysler
    9. Chrysler vehicles, including the 2012 Chrysler 200, often use glass manufactured by Mopar, which is an Original Equipment Glass Manufacturer authorized by Chrysler. Mopar glass is designed to meet the automaker’s quality and safety standards.

    It’s essential to consult with a trusted professional or windshield replacement service to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information and ensure the correct type of glass and calibration method for your specific vehicle.

Chrysler 200 Price Breakdown

Nation-wide costs for Chrysler 200 auto glass

These are national highs, lows, and averages over the lifetime of specific year, make, models and glass types. Parts, labor, and the year the repair was done will affect pricing.


Chrysler 200 Prices

For mobile windshield replacement, door glass and back glass quotes

Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

08-31-20232015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $443 Clinton, NY 13323
02-25-20232015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back Glass Sedan Heated $555 Attalla, AL 35954
02-23-20232012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Door Glass L/F Left Front Driver Door Glass $302 Wichita, KS 67218
10-07-20222012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $400 Lafayette, LA 70506
08-11-20222015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Driver front door glass $350 Pine Bluff, AR 71603
04-19-20212012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $530 Lancaster, TX 75134
04-17-20212016Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $588 Jefferson, GA 30549
04-16-20212015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $553 Conyers, GA 30012
04-10-20212011Chrysler200 Convertible (2 door) — Windshield $338 Malden, MA 02148
12-05-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass-heated-dark privacy tint-with defrost $335 Lexington, SC 29072
11-23-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $449 Von Ormy, TX 78073
11-22-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $360 Mount Vernon, IL 62864
11-10-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $360 Clinton Township, MI 48036
11-04-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass $335 Texas City, TX 77590
10-31-20202011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $360 Columbia, TN 38401
09-23-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear $412 Hardy, AR 72542
09-22-20202014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $360 Blackwell, OK 74631
09-21-20202011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $360 Pearsall, TX 78061
09-21-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $360 Boise, ID 83706
08-29-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Passenger front door glass $349 Port Washington, WI 53074
08-23-20202014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $329 Honolulu, HI 96822
07-13-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $300 Moreno Valley, CA 92557
07-09-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $318 Harrison, MI 48625
07-04-20202017Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $401 Huntsville, AR 72740
06-28-20202016Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $401 Cypress, CA 90630
06-27-20202011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $318 Molalla, OR 97038
06-15-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $364 Reedley, CA 93654
06-12-20202016Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $385 Knox, PA 16232
06-10-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Passenger front door glass $323 Port Washington, WI 53074
05-26-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $302 Wathena, KS 66090
05-22-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $385 San Angelo, TX 76903
05-16-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 Corning, CA 96021
05-14-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $377 New Orleans, LA 70115
05-13-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 Corning, CA 96021
05-09-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 High Point, NC 27260
05-08-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 El Paso, TX 79912
05-07-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $377 Grand Rapids, MI 49506
05-05-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 Hildale, UT 84784
05-02-20202011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 Hoisington, KS 67544
04-28-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $377 , 00000
04-23-20202011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $306 Saint Louis, MO 63121
04-08-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Shipshewana, IN 46565
04-04-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Moody, AL 35004
04-03-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 Los Angeles, CA 90011
03-16-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 New Orleans, LA 70115
03-09-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with Night Vision $391 Port Huron, MI 48060
03-09-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 Morris, IL 60450
03-03-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Driver front door glass-laminated $327 Sealy, TX 77474
03-03-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Passenger front door glass $334 Durham, NC 27713
03-01-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Huntingdon, PA 16652
02-26-20202011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Carlsbad, NM 88220
01-24-20202012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Selma, NC 27576
01-19-20202013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Waupaca, WI 54981
01-13-20202014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear $296 Mount Clemens, MI 48043
01-09-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 Newark, DE 19713
01-06-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 Ladson, SC 29456
01-05-20202015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 New Baltimore, MI 48047
12-23-20192014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Passenger front door glass $334 Eau Claire, WI 54703
12-21-20192013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 Colorado Springs, CO 80911
12-01-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $316 New Haven, MI 48048
11-27-20192017Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 Phenix City, AL 36869
11-13-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass-heated-dark privacy tint-with defrost $367 Checotah, OK 74426
10-17-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $321 Mauk, GA 31058
10-11-20192014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Passenger rear door glass $279 Bloomingdale, NJ 07403
10-07-20192014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Driver front door glass $332 Zimmerman, MN 55398
10-04-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear $301 Blackwell, MO 63626
10-01-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $396 La Mesa, CA 91942
08-28-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $396 Toledo, OH 43613
08-28-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $396 Reseda, CA 91335
08-26-20192013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $315 Indianapolis, IN 46208
08-25-20192014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $315 Corning, CA 96021
08-10-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $396 El Paso, TX 79903
08-04-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $315 Narrows, VA 24124
07-28-20192011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $299 Pontotoc, MS 38863
07-24-20192013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $317 Monticello, AR 71655
07-24-20192014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $317 Youngsville, NC 27596
07-14-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with rain sensor $323 Camden, AR 71701
07-10-20192013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $323 Blue Springs, MO 64014
06-25-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $323 Memphis, TN 38111
06-20-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Driver front door glass $352 Seville, OH 44273
06-16-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Passenger rear door glass $276 Augusta, GA 30904
05-22-20192013Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Driver rear door glass $309 Pittsburg, KS 66762
03-26-20192016Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $384 Philadelphia, PA 19134
03-24-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $305 Hamburg, AR 71646
02-17-20192012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $307 Lake Ozark, MO 65049
02-13-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $390 Bristolville, OH 44402
02-11-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $390 Libertyville, IL 60048
01-26-20192014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $312 Riverdale, IL 60827
01-22-20192016Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $393 Pittsburgh, PA 15222
01-01-20192015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $391 Riverside, CA 92507
12-25-20182014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $310 Victorville, CA 92395
12-06-20182015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $300 Mountain View, CA 94043
11-28-20182014Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield with electrochromic mirror $310 Memphis, TN 38111
11-09-20182011Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Driver front door glass $316 Phoenix, AZ 85027
10-04-20182017Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $335 De Soto, MO 63020
10-01-20182015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $335 Hephzibah, GA 30815
09-04-20182015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $335 Merrillville, IN 46410
08-17-20182015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Back glass $412 Holland, MI 49423
07-27-20182015Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $333 Pensacola, FL 32506
07-10-20182012Chrysler200 Sedan (4 door) — Windshield $322 Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783

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2011 Chrysler 200

the technician who was scheduled to do the service never showed up to do the job. then lied and said he knocked on the door. we have been waiting all day and there was no such thing. the technician is now avoiding phone calls and will not respond to the texts. very poor service I will not recommend them, nor will they ever be used by me in the future.

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