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Mopar Windshield Replacement for a 2012 Fiat 500

The 2012 Fiat 500 has 3 replacement options and they are: 1) ELECTROCHROMIC MIRROR~PAAS~SOLAR~ENCAP~W/THIRD VISOR FRIT~W/HUMIDITY SENSOR~ABARTH Estimated Replacement cost $675.00 2) PAAS~SOLAR~ENCAP~W/THIRD VISOR FRIT Estimated Replacement cost $357.00 3) ELECTROCHROMIC MIRROR~PAAS~SOLAR~ENCAP~W/THIRD VISOR FRIT Estimated Replacement cost $365.00 The OEM Replacement part is Mopar.


The Lexus ES 300H Hybrid has 7 different replacement options.  This vehicle can have features like a rain sensor, heated wiper park area, lane departure warning system, diversity antenna, humidity sensor.  If you need your windshield replaced you need to get your VIN number and contact the dealer first to determine which features your vehicle… Read more »

Condensation Sensor

What is a condensation sensor? “The condensation sensor ensures that the windows of the vehicle do not become misted, even if humidity levels increase.”