2010 Toyota Highlander Windshield Heated Wiper Park Area Feature

Below is a picture of the inside of a 2010 Toyota Highlander dashboard and you can see the button that looks like a windshield. This button is the button for the Heated Windshield Wiper Park Area feature. When you press this button it turns on heat to the windshield and also to the side mirrors. You must know if you have this feature when replacing your windshield because this vehicle comes with this feature and also without this feature. If you are not sure if your vehicle has this feature first look for this button and if you don't see it you don't have it. Another way to find out is to take your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and contact your local dealership parts department and then they will be able to tell you if you have the feature. [caption id="attachment_2342" align="alignleft" width="640"]2010 Toyota Higlander Dash That Displays the Heated Windshield Button 2010 Toyota Higlander Dash That Displays the Heated Windshield Button[/caption]

Heated Wiper Park Area and Heated Windshields

Heated Windshield and Heated Wiper Park Area Some vehicles come equipped with heated windshields and heated wiper park areas. What is a heated wiper park area or heated windshield? A heated windshield and heated wiper park area are a little different and a little similar. Heated Windshield a heated windshield is a windshield that has heating elements integrated into the glass that helps the windshield heat up faster then the rest of the car allowing the windshield to quickly thaw out if it is frozen. The heated wiper park area feature heats the bottom of the windshield where the windshield wipers rest. If you have a heated windshield you may not even know it. Some vehicles have a button on the dashboard that looks like a windshield and when you push that button it activates the heating process and your windshield will quickly warm up allowing you to see quicker if the windshield is completely frozen. Heated Wiper Park Area: Some vehicles have windshields that have this feature and basically the heated wiper park area is an area on the bottom area of the windshield where the windshield wipers rest where there can be brown, black or even red lines integrated into the windshield. This allows the driver to push a button and warm up the area of the windshield where the wipers rest. This is a great feature if you live in a cold climate and for winters. Many car manufacturers have adopted this feature such as Mercedes, BMW and Toyota. If you aren’t sure if you have this feature we can tell you if you provide us with the last 8 letters and numbers of your vin (vehicle identification number) with the VIN we will contact the dealership and they will tell us what features your vehicle has.