BMW 128i Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

  • BMW 128i

    The BMW 128i is two door coupe. There is also a convertible variant in the same design.

    Auto Glass Features on the BMW 128i

    The heated rear window on the BMW 128i is dirt-resistant and scratch-resistant. This gives a clear rear view in all kinds of weather conditions. This car also comes with a electric rear defroster. There is a two-way moon roof on the BMW 128i. The moon roof can be tilted up or slid backward to let in fresh air.

    The windshield also has rain sensing wipers. The rain sensor makes use of infrared light to measure how much rain is falling. When the ‘intermittent’ mode is on, the rain sensor is able to adjust the speed of the windshield wiper according to the rain. The windshield is also served by heated washer jets.

    Urethane and Primer Safety

    When the technician is replacing the windshield on your BMW 128i, ask him to use current urethane and primers. Some shops use outdated products and this can compromise the integrity of the vehicle.

    Other use urethane with long dry times. Sometimes the vehicle is driven away when the urethane and the primer are still wet. This could again put the life of the passengers at risk.

    When he has finished installing the windshield, the technician should run a leak detector over the edges of the windshield to find leaks, if any.

    Replacing the Quarter Glass on the BMW 128i

    If the quarter glass on your BMW 128i is damaged, you have no option but to get it replaced. But before the auto glass technician begins the process, ask him if he has found the proper trim. Three trims are available- chrome, glossy black and flat black.

    Power Window Regulator Replacements

    The power windows on the BMW 128i have a one-touch operation. But even the best car may develop problems with its power windows. Often the regulator is at fault. We are happy to say that our technicians can also replace power window regulators on the BMW 128i.

    Solutions for Kinds of BMW 128i Auto Glass Problems

    If you want to repair or replace the windshield, replace the rear glass or the quarter glasses, or change the window regulators on your BMW 128i, please contact us by filling in the form given on our website. We will have your closest Emergency Glass Repair technician contact you with estimates and costs of replacement parts.

  • BMW 128i Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $380.00 2021-10-14 San Jose, CA
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield $350.00 2021-10-08 San Jose, CA
    2009 BMW 128i Windshield with heads up display (HUD) $458.76 2021-04-07 Greenville, VA
    2013 BMW 128i Windshield $397.43 2020-12-29 Las Vegas, NV
    2012 BMW 128i Back glass $386.90 2020-08-31 Alexandria, VA
    2012 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $338.98 2020-05-09 Washington, IL
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield $415.54 2020-04-06 Los Angeles, CA
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield $381.74 2020-02-24 Wantagh, NY
    2009 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $353.86 2020-01-01 Rosemead, CA
    2010 BMW 128i Windshield $415.54 2019-12-25 Lilburn, GA
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield $420.79 2019-11-20 Los Angeles, CA
    2011 BMW 128i Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear $614.00 2019-10-08 North Scituate, RI
    2009 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $366.60 2019-10-04 Chesterfield, MO
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield with electrochromic mirror $432.07 2019-06-26 Smelterville, ID
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $369.23 2019-06-21 Miami Beach, FL
    2013 BMW 128i Windshield $414.22 2018-11-09 Sylmar, CA
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $345.50 2018-10-02 Upper Darby, PA
    2010 BMW 128i Windshield $383.21 2018-09-24 Harlem, GA
    2012 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area $359.69 2017-08-28 Oakland, CA
    2008 BMW 128i Windshield $325.00 2017-03-10 San Francisco, CA
    2012 BMW 128i Windshield $376.30 2017-02-06 El Paso, TX
    2012 BMW 128i Driver rear door glass $389.59 2017-01-09 Colorado Springs, CO
    2011 BMW 128i Windshield with rain sensor $363.65 2016-08-19 La Porte, TX
    2009 BMW 128i Back glass-heated-dark privacy tint-with defrost $675.22 2016-08-09 Washington DC, DC
    2012 BMW 128i Windshield $386.94 2016-05-12 Hertford, NC
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