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Auto glass replacement policies differ from insurer to insurer. Choosing an insurer for your car is a complex decision that involves a variety of factors. How do you know if you’re getting the best deal possible or even what the particulars of each deal entail? Is the company in question good at processing claims and dealing with its customers? Are there many service centers this company has around the country? The only way to know which company is best for you is by being informed and doing some comparison-shopping. In this handy guide, you’ll discover repair and replacement policies under different US insurers.

Allstate Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Allstate covers auto, condo, apartment, home, life insurance and catastrophe claims. The company’s claim-reporting procedure is convenient and easy to follow. Policyholders can go on the Allstate website and file a claim online. In order to do this, you will need to have an account on the Allstate website. Having an account allows people who filed a claim to also keep tabs on the status of the claim, to see whether it is resolved or not. Repairs for auto claims are handled by local auto body repair shops or shops in Allstate’s Good Hands® Repair Network. Repairs in the event of catastrophe claims are handled by the company’s National Catastrophe Team members, who are trained and available to respond to various cataclysms all over the country in any given year.

Progressive Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Progressive covers a whole host of different areas. The company covers auto, motorcycle, RV, boat, truck, homeowner’s, business, renters, health, life and umbrella insurance claims. Reporting a claim with Progressive is efficient and meant to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. The company’s representatives oversee the whole claim report from beginning to end, striving to deliver fast and caring service throughout the whole ordeal. People can conveniently log into the Progressive website to file their claims online. This applies both to auto and home insurance claims. After you have filed your claim, a Progressive agent will contact you to start the claims process by the end of the same business day. The company will take care of any repairs that your vehicle may require. Your car will either be brought to a Progressive service center or a repair shop in the company’s network of repair shops.

Nationwide Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Nationwide is an insurance company that provides insurance coverage for auto, life, annuity, flood and property claims. However, Nationwide provides coverage in far fewer areas than a company like Progressive does. Continuing the trend of 21st-century technology, all claims with the company can be easily filed right on the Nationwide website itself. People simply have to register for an account, and they can also follow the status of their insurance claim on the Progressive website. The company also allows for other ways of reporting a claim. Claimants can call 1-800-421-3535, their Nationwide insurance agent or even use the Nationwide app on their handheld device. If the issue is something relatively simple like an auto glass repair, then the company will send out its own people to fix the windshield where its policyholders are.

State Farm Auto Insurance Glass Claims

State Farm offers its customers a broad array of different insurance policies. The company provides homeowner’s, auto, condo, renters, life, disability, health, annuities, boat, business, long-term care and additional forms of insurance. There are also various ways in which to file a report with this company. Going online is the most convenient and efficient, but policyholders will first have to sign into the site with their personal information. Alternately, they may also get in touch with the company’s third-party administrator. The company is very good about sending its people to its policyholders for repairs. If the repair is for auto glass work, then State Farm will normally send one of its agents, who has mobile equipment, out to them. The policyholder may instead bring their vehicle to a State Farm facility, where repair can take as little as between 20 and 30 minutes.

Farmers Insurance Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Farmers Insurance offers its customers a wide selection of insurance policies and features some of the most comprehensive and detailed insurance coverage of any company on this list. Farmers Insurance offers auto (auto insurance, collectible auto), home (house, mobile, condo, renter, specialty home), motorcycle, life (term, universal, whole), recreational (boat, travel trailer, motor home), financial (mutual funds, variable annuities) and business (hospitality, apartment, professional service, manufacturing) insurance. Reporting a new claim can be done in one of three ways: People can file a report right on the website, call Farmers Insurance directly or get in touch with their personal Farmers agent. The company itself handles the repairs on either the car itself or the auto glass (windshield) in the event of damage and cracks.

Commerce Auto Insurance Glass Claims

A smaller and lesser-known insurance company, Commerce sells insurance policies in only a few select states in the U.S. It currently offers its policyholders auto, umbrella, homeowner’s, flood, earthquake and business coverage. Reporting a claim to the company is as easy as simply dialing special 1-800 numbers for Massachusetts and New Hampshire policyholders. Just as easily, policyholders have the option of reporting the claims on the Commerce website directly. Policyholders just have to complete a simple and easy online claim submission form. After completing said form, the policyholder will be presented with a claim submission number. Then, after usually just one business day, a Commerce agent will be in touch to assist with processing the claim. Repairs are handled by the company by way of its different “preferred” repair shops in its network area.

Arbella Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Arbella is an insurance company that primarily serves the states of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Arbella has been in business since 1988. The company provides insurance coverage across several areas: It provides car, glass, business, home, motorcycle and even personal umbrella liability coverage. Arbella promises to do the work for you once you have reported your insurance claim, which you can do on the company’s website by simply filling out a form and submitting it. Alternately, it’s also possible to call the company directly at 1-800-ARBELLA. After the claim is reported, a claim specialist from the company will be in touch with you to guide you through the claims process. Then, the company sets up an appointment with one of the repair/replacement providers that Arbella works with, and the repair is handled quickly.

Safeco Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Safeco Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Company, deals with several types of insurance choices. They are home, auto, condo, renters, classic car, watercraft or boat, RV, natural disaster, motorcycle, landlord protection and umbrella insurance. Policyholders can file a claim by dialing 800-332-3226, which is a number that can be called 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Auto glass replacement and repair is provided by Safelite Solutions, which is the United States’ biggest auto glass replacement company. Safelite Solutions is a separate company from Safeco, though it is acting on behalf of Safeco for its customers. The good thing about this Safeco program is that the repair or replacement of auto glass is performed either at a service location or the policyholder’s own home, if the policyholder can’t get to a service location. Repairs can also be performed at sites not included in the Safeco network, but this will incur an additional charge in most cases.

Erie Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Erie Insurance began back in 1925 as a car insurer in Pennsylvania. Since its modest beginnings, the company has expanded to include 11 states and the District of Columbia, which it provides with multi-level insurance policies. The company covers home, auto, life, business, retirement and personal property insurance claims. Filing a claim with Erie Insurance is as easy as doing one of three things. Policyholders with the company have the choice of filing the insurance claim directly on the company’s website, which only requires the entering of the policy number. They may also call the company directly at 800-367-3743; this number provides people with round-the-clock assistance. Finally, people may also just call their Erie Insurance agent directly and tell them about the problem. Erie Insurance fixes windshield damage by setting up policyholders with either affiliated service shops or service shops of their own choosing.

Westfield Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Westfield Insurance is a non-public insurance company from Ohio that provides its policyholders with both commercial and private insurance across 21 different states. The company provides its customers with auto, home, umbrella, boat and business insurance coverage. Westfield Insurance makes it as easy as possible to file a report with the company. Customers have the option of heading to the company’s website and filing an online report by inputting their policy number and the date the issue occurred. Alternately, they may instead file a report by way of calling the company directly at 800-810-3665. The company will honor a policyholder’s request when helping them out in searching for a glass-repair shop to deal with auto glass damage.

Hartford Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Hartford Financial Services is a provider of both casualty and property insurance, as well as mutual funds and group benefits. As an insurance provider, Hartford Financial Services offers both home and vehicle insurance, which can be further broken down into multiple categories. The company offers condo, homeowner’s, identity theft, renters, flood and natural disasters insurance. On the vehicle insurance side, the company provides car, boat, ATV, snowmobile and RV insurance. To report an auto insurance claim, all it takes is for people to file online by filling out the company’s claim submission form. Alternately, people can also call the company’s 1-800 number in order to receive fast assistance. The company has mobile technicians that can travel to where policyholders are located to fix their auto glass problems on the spot.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Glass Claims

Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that has been in operation since 1912. It is, today, the third largest property and casualty insurance company in the entire U.S. It offers its various customers auto, motorcycle, teen driving, umbrella, condo, renters, home, mobile home, flood, landlord, annuities and life insurance policies. There are two distinct ways in which policyholders with this company can report an insurance claim. They can either use the Liberty Mutual website to file a report, or they can simply call the company at 1-800-2CLAIMS. It is vital to point out that these claim reporting options are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to people. If people have purchased the company’s comprehensive glass repair service, then the company will accommodate policyholders to have repairs done wherever it is convenient for them. This can be at home or at an affiliated service facility.

Titan Auto Insurance Glass Claims

One of the least-known insurance companies on this list, Titan Insurance is a discount-car insurance corporation that is actually affiliated with Nationwide. The company only provides its policyholders with insurance coverage related to auto claims, and it provides only commercial, personal and Mexico insurance coverage. With Titan Insurance, it is only possible to file a claim one of two ways: by calling a specific number and speaking to a Titan associate or filing the actual report on the company website. The company’s phone number for claims is 1-800-926-3168. The auto glass repair process is a multi-step process. After the number is called or the report is filed online, the policyholder will have to answer questions concerning the claim. From there, a date, time and place for the execution of the repair service, which will be provided by Titan Insurance, will be ironed out. Finally, the policyholder will receive a referral number from the insurance company.

Now that you know about these different auto glass replacement policies and insurers, you are equipped to make a smart and educated choice for your next insurance policy purchase. With so much competition in the marketplace among these insurance companies, you are certainly guaranteed to get the lowest insurance rates around. For the most part, all insurance companies allow policyholders to file their insurance claims directly on their websites. They also permit their customers to call the company directly to file their insurance claims.

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