Recent Causes of Broken Glass Damage on Cars

  1. Backed into a tree limb and it shattered the entire glass
  2. Laid it on it’s side rolled it when hunting for Elk in Colorado.  Broke the Drivers side door window.
  3. Storm something fell down onto the car
  4. Girlfriend got mad
  5. Hit a Deer
  6. @ work and someone thru a rock thru it
  7. Someone broke into it (break in)
  8. Baseball thru back window
  9. Break in
  10. Vandalisim
  11. Driving up from Maryland a rock hit it and it made a snap noise and created an L Shape Crack.
  12. Regulator Problem caused window to break
  13. Stray Bullet
  14. Vehicle owner closed his doors improperly and broke the back glass on his Ford Excursion
  15. It was cold out and he turned on the heat
  16. Broke in to steal his book bag
  17. Brick Went Thru the Window

Ford Excursion

The 2004 Ford Excursion has two doors that swing open and when closing them you have to be very careful because you can close the window into them if you are not careful.  This morning we received a call from an Excursion owner that had this happen.  I personally almost had the same situation with the Excursion once before so be careful. [caption id="attachment_2172" align="alignleft" width="300"]2004 Ford Excursion Back Glass 2004 Ford Excursion Back Glass Replacement[/caption]