Toyota Sequoia Windshield Replacement

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  • These are real price quotes customers received from Please note, these are from across the nation from different companies. You will need to speak with a service manager about your quote to get an accurate price.
    Vehicle Part Quote Date Location
    2005 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $375.00 04/07/14 Culver City CA, 90232
    2002 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Drivers Side Rear Window With Privacy Tint Replacement $229.00 03/31/14 Everett WA, 98208
    2004 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $273.09 03/18/14 Clayton NC, 27520
    2005 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $159.00 03/04/14 San Antonio TX, 78218
    2005 Toyota Sequoia Select Body Quarter Glass Passenger-Side Replacement $359.28 02/25/14 Sacramento CA, 95838
    2001 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Rear Window Back Glass Heated Privacy Tint Replacement $290.10 01/24/14 Watsonville CA, 95076
    2001 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $228.95 11/21/13 Danville VA, 24540
    2007 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $264.95 10/19/13 Manassas VA, 20109
    2003 Toyota Sequoia Not Listed Windshield Replacement $60.00 10/15/13 Spring TX, 77386
    2007 Toyota Sequoia Sport Utility (4 door) Side Window (Passenger Side) Replacement $205.79 09/30/13 Washington DC DC, 20019
    2002 Toyota Sequoia SUV Rear Window Back Glass Replacement $120.00 09/16/10 Downers Grove IL, 60516
    2002 Toyota Sequoia Windshield Replacement $99.99 06/15/10 Hawaiian Gardens CA, 90716
  • Toyota Sequoia Windshield Replacement

    Summarized information about the Toyota Sequoia                                               

    ·         Toyota Website 

    ·         Toyota Sequoia Wikipedia Page

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    ·  Company Type: Public Company; Toyota Motor Corporation

    ·  Years in operation: 1937-Present

    ·  Years in production:  1937-Present

    ·  Headquarters: Toyota, Aichi, Japan

    ·  Locations: Global

    ·  Toyota OEM : AP Tech (aka AGC Glass)

    ·  2012 Toyota Sequoia Models: Toyota Sequoia SR5  4.6L 4X2, 4X4, SR5 5.L.


    Toyota Sequoia Windshield

    User friendly and versatile, the Toyota Sequoia is a full size SUV that has earned several accolades from users and auto critics alike. This roomy vehicle has a total of ten auto glass parts including the Toyota Sequoia Windshield that keep the interiors comfy and safe. Maintaining these in showroom condition need not be prohibitively expensive if you pick your auto glass technician from our directory.

    Cost Effective Service- Repairs or Replacements?

    Repairs are definitely the cheaper service option when compared with replacements but are they cost effective as well? If you have an experienced technician carrying out the tried and tested resin injection repair on your Toyota Sequoia Windshield cracks/ chips, they are very cost effective solutions indeed. But if you leave your cracked windshield in the hands of an unskilled technician advertising rock bottom pricing for repairs, you may actually end up spending a small fortune.

    Unskilled technicians may not know exactly how to ensure that the resin permeates the entire crack so that the damaged glass is bound thoroughly, preventing the damage from spreading further. The resin curing is also a critical process because it determines the kind of visibility you regain in the damaged portion.

    Since the damaged Toyota Sequoia Windshield is already stressed, an untrained amateur may actually cause more damage to it while carrying out the repairs. When the windshield is severely weakened or visibility impaired you are forced to opt for expensive replacements.

    Keeping Service Costs Low

    On an average, getting a single crack on your Toyota Sequoia Windshield repaired should cost around $120 while replacing the same glass costs around $360 ( estimates). Options like heating/ defrosting option for wiper park area, special tints, heated windows etc make a difference to the pricing which is why you should mention any such options while asking for quotes.

    Comparing quotes offered by various auto glass shops is a good idea to find low cost auto glass service. However, it is critical that you pay due attention to the quality of service offered. We make it easy for you to find quality, affordable service in your neighborhood by sifting through the shops to identify the best providers. Fill in the online quote form right away and our local exclusive provider will get back to you with a competitive quote for any Toyota Sequoia Windshield service your require.


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