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Mitsubishi > Montero Windshield Costs For Years 1983 - 2006

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  • Local Mitsubishi Montero Windshield Replacement Price Quotes

    These are real price quotes customers received from Please note, these are from across the nation from different companies. You will need to speak with a service manager about your quote to get an accurate price.
    Vehicle Part Quote Date Location
    2005 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $293.55 08/19/14 Laredo TX, 78045
    1990 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $277.00 04/28/14 Petal MS, 39465
    1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Rear Window Drivers Side Vent Replacement $278.00 04/24/14 Astoria NY, 11106
    1995 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield With Rain Sensor Replacement $289.00 04/22/14 Burlington KS, 66839
    2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Rear Window Back Glass Heated Replacement $248.00 04/20/14 Granada Hills CA, 91344
    1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Quarter Glass Driver Side Replacement $316.53 03/31/14 Rocklin CA, 95677
    2004 Mitsubishi Montero Select Body Windshield Replacement $99.95 03/10/14 Tomball TX, 77375
    2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $269.94 02/20/14 Forest MS, 39074
    2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (2 door) Windshield Replacement $290.17 01/13/14 Flushing NY, 11355
    1990 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility (4 door) Windshield Replacement $318.95 11/07/13 Lincoln NE, 68502
    2005 Mitsubishi Montero SUV Windshield Replacement $175.00 10/28/10 Baton Rouge LA, 70817
    2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Utility Windshield Replacement $188.68 08/20/10 Columbus OH, 43205
    2004 Mitsubishi Montero Windshield Replacement $229.00 06/12/10 Littleton CO, 80120
    2003 Mitsubishi Montero Windshield Replacement $230.90 05/12/10 Oak Park CA, 91377
    2001 Mitsubishi Montero Windshield Replacement $200.00 03/24/10 Denver CO, 80205
    1993 Mitsubishi Montero Rear Window (Driver Side) Replacement $249.70 02/19/10 Columbia MO, 65202
    2001 Mitsubishi Montero Windshield Replacement $234.00 02/06/10 Olathe KS, 66062
  • Mitsubishi Montero Windshield

    The Mitsubishi Montero (or Pajero, as it is known in other markets) is a powerful off roader that comes with a total of ten auto glass parts. If you regularly take your Montero down uncharted roads, you may be facing frequent auto glass damage from rocks and twigs being flung up against the vehicle. Locate expert auto glass technicians to repair or replace your Mitsubishi Montero Windshield when it sustains damage by looking through our directory.

    Why Repairs?

    Repairs are the cost effective option when compared with replacements and this is why you should always opt for this service if an expert technician assures you of good outcomes. The best thing to do is call in a technician listed in our directory to assess your Mitsubishi Montero Windshield damage. He can determine how badly the windshield has been damaged by the impact and also assess if repairs will restore the structural integrity of the glass and its clarity to desirable levels.

    Savvy owners opt for repairs instead of replacements whenever possible because the original factory seal of the windshield can be retained with the former. Since most insurance companies do accept repairs nowadays, there is really no reason not to consider this option first when your Mitsubishi Montero Windshield is damaged.

    Make sure to choose a technician who is well versed with the resin injection technique. This is a tried and tested repair method that prevents the damage from expanding and restores visibility in the damaged area.

    Replacing the Windshield

    Replacing the Mitsubishi Montero Windshield or other auto glass parts is a much more expensive affair than repairs. Typically, you may spend about $175 ( estimates)
    to repair three to five cracks on your Mitsubishi Montero Windshield. But replacing the glass is likely to cost more than twice this sum. Options such as tinting, rain sensors, heating, heated wiper park area will boost replacement costs. Owners should know that some variations may be found in the Monteros sold in Mexico.

    Mentioning these details as well as preferences you may have (such as special tint/ shade bands) when you are asking for quotes helps the technician give you accurate pricing. Remember that labor costs, cost of spares/ glass etc may vary from state to state. In general, replacing your Mitsubishi Montero Windshield may be cheaper in coastal locations than elsewhere.

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