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  • Pontiac Bonneville Windshield Replacement

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    Pontiac Bonneville Windshield

    The Pontiac Bonneville series is the perfect family car for those who want to graduate from driving a Firebird without compromising any of the great handling and performance that the latter offers. Whether you own a Bonneville GXP or SSei, you are sure to get excellent engine performance. Keep the eight auto glass parts including the Pontiac Bonneville Windshield in perfect condition to drive in complete comfort in all weather conditions.

    Affordable and Effective Repairs

    When your Pontiac Bonneville Windshield or other auto glass components sustain damage, you should get them looked at by a qualified technician immediately. When repairs are carried out soon after the damage has occurred, it is easier to restore the glass to its original clarity because contaminants have not had a chance to enter the site yet.

    Remember that you should leave your Pontiac Bonneville Windshield repairs only to experienced and well trained technicians because of the many delicate processes that are required to be carried out to offer effective repairs. For example, the technician may use flexing, vacuuming and drilling to ensure best outcomes. An amateur may stress the already weakened glass further during these processes and end up breaking it.

    Locate a trustworthy auto glass technician who can give you effective Pontiac Bonneville Windshield repairs by browsing trough our directory. Keep these price estimates (from Safelite.com) in mind so that you know what to expect. To repair a single crack on your Pontiac Bonneville Windshield you may have to spend about $120 while 3 to 5 cracks on the glass will cost about $175 to rectify.

    Replacing with OEM Parts

    Sometimes, the damage is too severe to be repaired and then replacing the Pontiac Bonneville Windshield is the safer option for you. Always insist on OEM parts and high quality urethane when you need to replace the glass. Since the windshield acts as the backboard for your deployed airbags, it is essential that high quality urethane is used to bind it to the cars frame. Only then will it stay in place during a front end collision keeping you safe inside the vehicle.

    These Safelite price estimates will give you a basic idea of what you should expect to pay for replacing your Pontiac Bonneville Windshield. Remember that options like Heads-up display, heating and rain sensors may add to the replacement costs. To replace your 2005 Bonneville windshield with Heads up display you will spend about $485 (inclusive of diversity antenna, green tint, blue shadeband), whereas without the Heads up Display option the glass may cost only about $315.