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    Company Type: Now a subsidary of BMW since 2001; under the name MINI

    Years in operation: 1959 to 2000 with the British Motor Corporation; 2001 to present with BMW

    Years in production: 1959 to 2000 with the British Motor Corporation; 2001 to present with BMW

    Headquarters: Munich, Germany with BMW; (founded Longbridge, England, United Kingdom)

    Locations: Global

    Mini OEM : Saint Gobain Sekurit

    2012 Mini Cooper Models: Mini Cooper Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, Coupe, Hardtop.

    Mini Cooper Windshield

    Fuel economy, stylish lines and excellent handling make the Mini Cooper a great car to drive. Whether you own the hatchback or the convertible version you are sure to get the best driving experience with this compact vehicle. Get the very best technicians in your neighborhood working on your Mini Cooper Windshield and other auto glass parts when you need them repaired or replaced. Choose service providers who prioritize customer satisfaction from our directory listings.

    Getting your Mini Cooper Windshield Repaired

    Getting your Mini Cooper Windshield repaired within budget is easy when you pick your auto glass technician from our directory but it still helps to have an idea of what it might cost you. On an average, you may spend about $120 to repair your 2010 2 door Mini Cooper Windshield (front) whether you drive the convertible or hatchback model. However, repair costs vary for different auto glass parts.

    For example, repairing the front door passenger side roll up window may set you back about $400. A crack on the rear windshield (heated glass with antenna) will cost even more at around $490. Mention which kind of Mini Cooper you drive and which auto glass parts you need replaced when you shop for Mini Cooper Windshield/ auto glass repair quotes. If the part is exclusive to the car, such as the dual pane panoramic power sunroof in the hatchback version, specify what you need so that the technician can source the right parts for you beforehand.

    High Quality Replacements

    Always opt only for high quality OEM spares and parts when you need Mini Cooper Windshield replacements since these are manufactured to the vehicle’s specifications. You should also ensure that the technician uses high quality urethane.

    The windshield is an important safety component of your car. It serves as the backboard for your airbags when they are deployed. Cheap urethane may not hold your windshield in place in a front end collision leaving you without the critical protection of the airbag.

    The cost of OEM parts may be higher than imported glass or non- branded glass that is available in the market today but these lack the resilience and fit that OEM offers. Be prepared to spend about $420 to replace your Mini Cooper’s green tint front windshield with rain sensor and about a hundred dollars more for the heating kind.

  • Mini Cooper Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    2012 Mini Cooper Windshield $399.00 2022-07-17 Lovington, NM
    2005 Mini Cooper Windshield $449.00 2022-07-15 Bend, OR
    2015 Mini Cooper Windshield $399.00 2022-07-13 Macon, GA
    2016 Mini Cooper Windshield $385.00 2022-02-08 Oceanside, CA
    2015 Mini Cooper Windshield with rain sensor $350.00 2022-01-27 Orange, CA
    2012 Mini Cooper Windshield $375.00 2021-09-24 Laguna Beach, CA
    2004 Mini Cooper Windshield with rain sensor-solar coated-acoustic infrared interlayer with night vision-heated wiper park area $269.00 2021-05-04 Sacramento, CA
    2016 Mini Cooper Windshield $438.57 2021-03-16 Owings Mills, MD
    2012 Mini Cooper Windshield $488.36 2021-03-14 Clifton Heights, PA
    2002 Mini Cooper Windshield $269.00 2021-03-10 Sacramento, CA
    2016 Mini Cooper Windshield with rain sensor $767.07 2020-12-08 ,
    2009 Mini Cooper Windshield $522.05 2020-11-29 Inglewood, CA
    2015 Mini Cooper Windshield $325.00 2020-11-27 Corona, CA
    2009 Mini Cooper Windshield $522.05 2020-11-18 Urbandale, IA
    2008 Mini Cooper Windshield $522.05 2020-11-17 Florence, MS
    2003 Mini Cooper Windshield $523.64 2020-11-13 Reedsburg, WI
    2005 Mini Cooper Windshield $249.00 2020-11-08 Sacramento, CA
    2008 Mini Cooper Windshield $522.05 2020-10-23 Woodstock, GA
    2005 Mini Cooper Windshield $438.82 2020-10-01 Oakland, CA
    2004 Mini Cooper Windshield $518.97 2020-09-29 Little Valley, NY
    2005 Mini Cooper Windshield $477.05 2020-09-24 East Sandwich, MA
    2003 Mini Cooper Windshield $523.64 2020-09-22 Johnstown, PA
    2012 Mini Cooper Windshield with rain sensor $436.68 2020-09-19 Sylmar, CA
    2003 Mini Cooper Windshield $438.82 2020-09-16 Oxford, MI
    2006 Mini Cooper Windshield $438.82 2020-09-14 Lake Saint Louis, MO
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