Lexus RX300 Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

  • Lexus RX 300 Windshield Replacement

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    Company Type:Division of Toyota Motor Corporation

    Years in operation:1989-Present

    Years in production: 1989-Present

    Headquarters:Toyota City, Japan


    Lexus OEM :AGC Glass

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    Lexus RX 300 Windshield

    The Lexus RX300 is one of the most competent luxury midsize SUVs you will find in the U.S. market. This stellar automobile was produced until the year 2003 and was followed by the other RX machines RX 33 and 350. A total of ten auto glass panes go into this vehicle. Keep these in pristine condition to enjoy absolute comfort and safety while driving your Lexus RX300. Call in our exclusive local auto glass service provider when you need to repair or replace your Lexus RX 300 Windshield or any other auto glass part.

    Effective Auto Glass Repairs

    Many owners make the mistake of shopping for the lowest prices when they need to repair their Lexus RX 300 Windshield. Such cheap repairs may actually turn out to be disastrous if the shops use cheap spares to cut down costs. Some shops even leave out warranties for their repairs so that if you face air/ water leaks through the repaired portion, you simply have to spend yet again to get it rectified.

    What is important is for you to get effective repairs that prevent the damage from worsening and also bring your Lexus RX 300 Windshield back to its original clarity. An experienced technician specializing in the resin injection technique can repair your windshield in about an hour with the best possible outcomes. Look for such technicians instead of shopping for the very lowest quotes in the market.

    On an average, you may spend just about $80 to get a couple of chips on your Lexus RX 300 Windshield repaired effectively by a qualified technician. Fill in our online request for quote form right away to get a competitive quote from our reliable and trustworthy local exclusive provider.

    Replacing the Lexus RX 300 Windshield

    Replacing the windshield is an expensive affair which is why you should ensure that you only use good quality spares and glass which offer long term solutions. OEM parts are the very best choice. These are not only tested during manufacturing for strength and durability but are also manufactured to meet your RX300s specifications perfectly. Many of our local exclusive providers also offer doorstep OEM replacement service for your Lexus RX 300 Windshield at reasonable costs.

    To give you an idea of what you may spend on replacements, here are some estimates. It may cost you between $160 and $230 to repair the front Lexus RX 300 Windshield on a 2003 model. The rear windshield is usually a more expensive auto glass part and replacing it on this model Lexus could cost you anywhere from $460 to $730.