Ford Fiesta Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

  • The 2013 Ford Fiesta comes in a Hatchback and 4 Door Sedan. It is also referred to as Ford’s “supermini car” Production on this car started in 1976 to present. There are currently an estimated 16 million Ford Fiestas’ on the road. The Hatchback Windshield Replacement Price can fluctuate depending on the area of the U.S. you are in and also if the company uses an OEM or Aftermarket glass. The replacement price being quoted from one of the national commercial auto glass companies for the 2013 4 door hatchback is $398.95. The replacement cost for the 2013 Ford Fiesta Sedan is the same price. This price doesn’t include tax, disposal fee and mobile fees. The windshield has an Acoustic-laminate solar-tinted glass for additional soundproofing hence why the price is slightly expensive.

    Some additional research shows that some other online companies are advertising prices ranging from 277.88 to $381.31 however pricing is affected also by other variables such as how busy a company is for a given day, how far you are in relation to where they are located. Location of the vehicle can affect the price because most of the time you (the customer) is needing a mobile windshield replacement service and that requires the auto glass company to send an installer out with the glass to you. Most companies have to also drive to pick up your glass from a distributor because most do not stock every windshield for every vehicle in house so it takes additional time and gas therefore driving the cost of the replacement up a little more. If you need it done right away or on the weekend you may pay a premium for emergency replacement work or work on non business hours. Some shops will have a location where you can bring your car to them and have the windshield replaced in their shop. Most replacements take around One hour to One and a half hours.

    Questions for the shop should be:

    1) Have you replaced a windshield on a 2013 Ford Fiesta yet?
    2) Do you warranty your work against air leaks and water leaks?
    3) What type of glass will you be using to replace my current glass is it aftermarket or OEM?
    4) Do you cut your glass out with a knife, extractor or use a wire removal tool?
    5) How long will it take?
    6) How long do I need to wait after you set the glass? Some glue has a 1 hour safe drive away time some takes longer to drive and is unsafe to drive away.
    7) How long has the installer been replacing windshields?

    8) Does your quote include a new moulding, disposal fee and mobile fee?

    That should help you get a better understanding of the type of company you are working with.

    Remember some companies may quote you a low price just to get you to book with them. After they have your windshield out that’s when they will tell you it’s going to need a moulding. They also might hand you the bill with additional charges for disposal fee, tax and a mobile service fee so make sure all of those are included in the quoted price.

  • Ford Fiesta Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    2011 Ford Fiesta Windshield $389.99 07/13/2022 Laramie, WY 82071
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $250.00 05/26/2021 Riverside, CA 92506
    2018 Ford Fiesta Windshield $576.44 04/25/2021 Wichita Falls, TX 76306
    2016 Ford Fiesta Windshield $541.79 04/23/2021 Antonito, CO 81120
    2012 Ford Fiesta Windshield $373.05 04/11/2021 Fairview, TN 37062
    2016 Ford Fiesta Windshield $373.05 03/15/2021 Kennesaw, GA 30144
    2016 Ford Fiesta Windshield $405.56 12/26/2020 San Pablo, CA 94806
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 12/07/2020 Mabank, TX 75156
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 12/06/2020 Noble, OK 73068
    2012 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 11/30/2020 Richmond, OH 43944
    2014 Ford Fiesta Back glass $342.85 11/29/2020 Kansas City, MO 64113
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 11/27/2020 Wallace, NC 28466
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 11/23/2020 Canton, MI 48188
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 11/20/2020 Harvey, IL 60426
    2016 Ford Fiesta Windshield $421.06 11/09/2020 Columbia, MO 65201
    2013 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 11/08/2020 Williamsburg, VA 23188
    2011 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 11/03/2020 Pittsburg, KS 66762
    2014 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 10/31/2020 Seaside, OR 97138
    2016 Ford Fiesta Windshield $421.06 10/24/2020 Lincoln, MO 65338
    2011 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 10/09/2020 Sterling, IL 61081
    2015 Ford Fiesta Windshield solar coated with third visor frit $421.06 10/08/2020 San Angelo, TX 76904
    2015 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 09/19/2020 Greenfield, MO 65661
    2012 Ford Fiesta Windshield $400.38 09/18/2020 Cleveland, OH 44125
    2018 Ford Fiesta Windshield with condensation sensor and humidity sensor $366.43 09/11/2020 Columbia, SC 29206
    2016 Ford Fiesta Windshield $385.66 09/08/2020 Lower Salem, OH 45745
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