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    Escort Windshield

    One of the best known models from a well recognized brand, the Ford Escort lives up to expectations without a doubt. In the second year of its manufacture, the Escort was the single best selling car in the U.S. markets. It maintained its popularity for most of the decade. Excellent fuel efficiency is one of features of this car that endears it to all budget conscious vehicle owners. Such savvy owners who seek reliable service at affordable rates use our directory when they need budget Escort Windshield services from expert technicians.

    Windshield Repairs that Last

    When your Escort Windshield sustains cracks/ chips, it is important for you to get it repaired quickly and effectively. A crack that is patched up by an unskilled technician can expand until it is big enough to compromise the structural integrity of the entire windshield. At times, an unskilled technician may actually worsen the damage by causing more stress to the already compromised glass during the windshield repair process. When this happens you have to replace the entire Escort Windshield at high cost soon after the repair.

    Identify a reliable and experienced auto glass technician from our listings and you are sure to get the best possible repairs. These expert auto glass technicians employ modern methods such as adhesive injection to ensure that the damage does not spread when you use your car post repairs. They are trained in the correct repair procedures and can gauge how severe the damage is and exactly what kind of precautions need to be taken during the repair process. In this way, they ensure that no extra costs are incurred by you over and above the repair cost.

    Effective repairs carried out by experienced technicians last the longest time. This means that you can postpone a highly expensive Escort Windshield replacement for a long time, thus saving money.

    OEM Replacement Solutions

    When the Escort Windshield is shattered beyond repair, you need to have the glass replaced. While this service is quite an expensive one compared to repairs, you can find the most affordable solutions in the market using our directory. Use our online quote request form to ask for replacement prices from a few shops listed in our directory. Do your comparison shopping to find the very best offers.

    One important point to remember is to ask for quotes for OEM replacements only. These parts and glass give you the best value for money and longest lasting solutions. Since these parts are manufactured to your vehicles specifications you are sure to get the perfect fit only when you replace your Escort Windshield with OEM glass.

  • Ford Escort Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    1995 Ford Escort Windshield $369.99 2022-08-03 Erwin, TN
    2002 Ford Escort Windshield $429.99 2022-07-24 Jefferson City, MO
    1999 Ford Escort Vent glass passenger side $426.29 2021-04-23 Glenallen, MO
    1997 Ford Escort Windshield $484.04 2021-04-20 Wanatah, IN
    2002 Ford Escort Windshield $380.59 2021-03-12 Hot Springs National Park, AR
    1994 Ford Escort Windshield $364.23 2020-12-29 Warden, WA
    2000 Ford Escort Windshield $339.60 2020-12-08 Fort Washakie, WY
    1996 Ford Escort Passenger rear door glass $375.15 2020-12-01 North Las Vegas, NV
    1999 Ford Escort Windshield $339.60 2020-09-23 Big Sandy, MT
    2001 Ford Escort Windshield $345.01 2020-09-19 Leavenworth, WA
    1999 Ford Escort Windshield $309.94 2020-08-30 Manteca, CA
    1999 Ford Escort Windshield $308.76 2020-07-24 Sioux City, IA
    1997 Ford Escort Windshield $695.77 2020-07-20 Butte, MT
    1997 Ford Escort Windshield $320.25 2020-07-19 Sparks, NV
    1999 Ford Escort Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear $387.25 2020-07-19 King Ferry, NY
    2001 Ford Escort Windshield $308.76 2020-07-13 Sanford, ME
    1998 Ford Escort Windshield $285.70 2020-05-15 Pottstown, PA
    1999 Ford Escort Windshield $278.65 2020-04-16 Montgomery City, MO
    2003 Ford Escort Windshield $278.65 2020-04-04 South Bend, IN
    1998 Ford Escort Windshield $285.70 2020-02-28 Buena Vista, GA
    1995 Ford Escort Other $317.56 2020-02-19 Ventura, CA
    1999 Ford Escort Windshield $278.65 2020-01-31 Carlton, MN
    1998 Ford Escort Back glass $476.72 2020-01-08 Gibbstown, NJ
    1993 Ford Escort Back glass $612.57 2019-12-17 Mobile, AL
    1995 Ford Escort Windshield $308.95 2019-12-01 Pueblo, CO
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