Ford Contour Windshield Replacement Costs and Quotes

  • Ford Contour Windshield

    A spirited performer that also offers great handling, the Ford Contour draws inspiration from some of the best European automobiles. The stylish lines of this car make it a real head turner on the roads. This car was produced until the year 2000 and enjoyed quite a successful run. If you own this stylish Ford product you should keep its auto glass in good condition to ensure driving safety and comfort. Always leave your Ford Contour Windshield and other auto glass only to trained professionals when you need repairs or replacements.

    Repairing the Windshield or Replacing it?

    When your Ford Contour Windshield sustains damage, it is important to determine if repairs are possible. If the cracks are smaller than a dollar bill and you have brought your car in for repairs soon after they have appeared on the glass, the technician may be able to restore your Ford Contour Windshield to its original condition with ease. However, when your windshield has large sized cracks, damage across the acute area or cracks at the edge of the windshield the technician may recommend replacing the Ford Contour Windshield.

    The very first thing to do with windshield damage is to call in an experienced technician to assess the damage and make his service recommendation. If he believes that repair is possible this should be the option you choose. Repairs cost a fraction of what you need to pay for replacements. For example, to repair a single crack on your year 2000 Ford Contour Windshield you may spend about $120 but to replace this glass (with break away bracket) you will spend more than twice this sum ( estimates).

    Repairs also allow you to retain the factory installed seal which is of high quality. Since most insurance companies accept repairs there is no need for you to worry about costs either.

    Cost Effective Replacements

    When replacing the Ford Contour Windshield is unavoidable, you should insist that the auto glass technician use OEM glass and factory approved sealants during the process. These parts may be expensive but they are tested for quality which means that you get fool proof replacements with these. Imported glass comes with a low price tag but lacks the resilience or clarity that OEM glass offers.

    Remember to mention the car model, year of manufacture and any other options and features when you shop for Ford Contour Windshield replacement quotes. These factors impact the pricing in different ways. Labor costs and cost of spares may also vary from location to location.

    When you need cost effective, premium quality repairs or replacements fill in our online quote form with all the necessary details. Our local exclusive provider will respond with a competitive quote in the shortest possible time.

  • Ford Contour Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    2000 Ford Contour Windshield $365.59 2020-09-27 Smithfield, NC
    1999 Ford Contour Windshield $326.84 2020-08-08 Prestonsburg, KY
    1998 Ford Contour Windshield $321.59 2020-07-28 Limon, CO
    1998 Ford Contour Windshield $321.59 2020-07-22 Liberty, MO
    2000 Ford Contour Windshield $286.52 2020-05-17 Modesto, CA
    1998 Ford Contour Windshield $175.00 2020-05-03 Dyer, IN
    2000 Ford Contour Windshield $304.92 2020-04-16 Oklahoma City, OK
    1999 Ford Contour Driver front door glass $279.90 2020-02-13 Lumberton, NC
    1999 Ford Contour Windshield $289.17 2018-10-30 Philadelphia, PA
    1999 Ford Contour Windshield $289.17 2018-10-26 Philadelphia, PA
    1999 Ford Contour Windshield $293.42 2018-08-11 Richmond, VA
    1999 Ford Contour Back glass $338.45 2018-08-05 Fort Wayne, IN
    2000 Ford Contour Windshield $288.78 2018-07-30 Summerville, SC
    1998 Ford Contour Windshield $293.15 2018-04-16 Dickinson, ND
    1997 Ford Contour Windshield $293.15 2018-03-09 Billings, MT
    1995 Ford Contour Passenger front door glass $279.26 2018-02-24 Indianapolis, IN
    2000 Ford Contour Back glass $339.08 2018-01-27 Saint James, MO
    1999 Ford Contour Windshield $297.65 2017-12-17 Lyons, GA
    1999 Ford Contour Back glass-heated-with defrost-clear $338.45 2017-06-16 Milwaukee, WI
    1999 Ford Contour Windshield $274.02 2017-04-03 Kalkaska, MI
    1996 Ford Contour Windshield $257.78 2016-12-09 Terre Haute, IN
    1995 Ford Contour Windshield $257.78 2016-11-15 Albrightsville, PA
    1999 Ford Contour Passenger front door glass $269.51 2016-11-07 Hickory Hills, IL
    2000 Ford Contour Windshield $280.88 2016-11-02 Tallahassee, FL
    1997 Ford Contour Windshield $279.82 2016-09-25 Palmdale, CA
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