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    Company Type:Division of General Motors

    Years in operation:1903-Present

    Years in production: 1903-Present

    Headquarters:Detroit, Michigan; (founded Flint, Michigan)


    Buick OEM :AP Tech (aka AGC Glass)

    2012 Buick Regal Models:Buick Regal Base, Premium1,2, Turbo Premium 1,2.

    Buick Regal Windshield

    The recent versions of the Buick Regal have a sporty feel and appearance that make it the perfect choice for young owners. The sleek looks of this car are one of its most attractive features. Keeping your Buick Regal Windshield and other auto glass parts in good condition ensures that you preserve this vehicles eye catching looks for a good many years.

    Timely Repairs Save Money

    Timely repairs help you save money especially if your Buick Regal Windshield has sustained several cracks or chips. In general, if your windshield has sustained less than 5 cracks/ chips, an experienced auto glass technician should be able to repair it effectively so that you can put off costly replacements indefinitely. Of course, none of the cracks/ chips should be bigger than a dollar bill. If you leave these unattended, the cracks could widen and weaken the windshield making it unsafe to drive the car without replacing the glass.

    The cost of repairs varies with the severity of damage but even so, you should be able to complete the repair by paying just a fraction of what you would pay for replacing the Buick Regal Windshield. To give you an idea of repair costs, here are some figures from the Safelite site. A 2011 Buick Regal 4 door sedan that has about 3 to 5 cracks on its front windshield can be repaired at a cost of approximately $180.

    Keeping Replacement Costs Low

    Replacing your Buick Regal Windshield is a more expensive affair and the cost may vary if you need any of the other auto glass parts replaced. Your Buick Regal 4 door sedan has a total of 8 auto glass parts including the rear door vent and you should mention exactly which glass you need changed when you fill in our online quote form.

    The kind of tint you need for the glass, other options such as laminated or tempered glass also impact replacement prices. This is why these details also need to be mentioned clearly when you are shopping for Buick Regal Windshield replacement quotes.

    The year of manufacture of your Buick Regal also impacts prices. For example, Buick Regal Windshield (front) for your 2012 4 door sedan model with green tint and a painted on sun visor may cost you around $550 while a similar replacement for a 2002 model of the same vehicle may cost you approximately about half this amount.

    Finding high quality budget replacements can be quite a hassle unless you are using our directory and online quote form to locate your auto glass service providers. At Emergency Glass Repair we carry out substantial market research to identify the best shop in the neighborhood with respect to service quality, pricing and service range. We also list shops that offer doorstep service so that you can call for help when your Buick Regals auto glass is too badly damaged for you to drive it down to a service station.

  • Buick Regal Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    2014 Buick Regal Windshield with rain sensor $539.99 2022-08-04 Bay City, MI
    1995 Buick Regal Driver front door glass $495.59 2021-04-20 Ogden, UT
    2003 Buick Regal Passenger rear door glass $350.00 2021-02-22 Fremont, CA
    2002 Buick Regal Windshield $333.77 2020-12-29 Minneapolis, MN
    2011 Buick Regal Windshield $387.11 2020-12-23 Detroit, MI
    1998 Buick Regal Windshield $333.77 2020-11-14 Helena, MT
    1998 Buick Regal Windshield with Night Vision $333.77 2020-10-08 Edison, GA
    2014 Buick Regal Windshield $402.43 2020-10-03 Northome, MN
    2013 Buick Regal Windshield $368.34 2020-08-12 Cincinnati, OH
    2001 Buick Regal Windshield $295.68 2020-07-12 West Palm Beach, FL
    2014 Buick Regal Windshield with heads up display (HUD) $357.84 2020-07-02 Crosby, TX
    2012 Buick Regal Windshield $342.09 2020-06-06 Pittsburgh, PA
    2011 Buick Regal Windshield $342.09 2020-05-29 Des Moines, IA
    2012 Buick Regal Windshield with Night Vision $342.09 2020-05-29 Indianapolis, IN
    1998 Buick Regal Windshield $273.45 2020-04-22 Trenton, TX
    2016 Buick Regal Windshield $345.21 2020-03-26 Camp Lejeune, NC
    1998 Buick Regal Windshield $273.45 2020-03-23 West Jefferson, OH
    2012 Buick Regal Windshield $345.21 2020-03-12 Rocky Mount, NC
    2016 Buick Regal Passenger front door glass $291.43 2020-02-12 Ewa Beach, HI
    2016 Buick Regal Passenger front door glass $291.44 2020-02-11 Ewa Beach, HI
    1992 Buick Regal Windshield $301.65 2020-01-20 Newport, AR
    2003 Buick Regal Windshield $273.45 2020-01-07 Fresno, CA
    1995 Buick Regal Windshield $321.17 2020-01-05 Des Moines, IA
    2004 Buick Regal Back glass $353.63 2020-01-01 Birmingham, AL
    2011 Buick Regal Windshield $345.21 2019-12-17 Charleston, SC
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