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    Company Type:Public Company; BMW Group

    Years in operation: 1916-Current

    Years in production: 1916-Current

    Headquarters:Munich, Germany

    Locations: Worldwide

    BMW OEM :Saint Gobain Sekurit

    2012 BMW 5 Series Models:BMW 5 Series 528i, 528i X Drive, 535i, 535i X Drive, 550i, 550i X Drive

    5 Series Windshield

    The BMW 5 Series is a dream car with its unbeatable combination of eye catching body design, excellent performance, luxurious and spacious interiors. If you are the proud owner of this vehicle you should take special care to ensure that the windshield is serviced by skilled professionals when it sustains damage. Effective repairs carried out by well trained technicians give you long lasting results that keep your 5 Series Windshield and your BMW in showroom condition.

    What are Effective Repairs?

    Not all repairs are effective, especially those carried out by unskilled amateurs. When your 5 Series Windshield sustains a rock chip or crack, bring it in to an auto glass shop listed in our directory. We only list shops that have earned a reputation for excellent customer service, affordable rates and effective service. These technicians will ensure that your 5 Series Windshield damaged is repaired so that:

    The damage does not spread any further when you resume using your car
    The clarity of glass in the damaged portion is restored
    The structural strength of the 5 Series Windshield is restored

    Only when all these objectives are fulfilled is the repair effective. Browse through our listings to locate neighborhood shops that employ the modern resin injection method that gives you the best possible outcomes.

    Quality Replacements at Budget Rates

    When your 5 Series Windshield is shattered or too badly damaged to be repaired, you need to replace it with high quality glass. Choose OEM glass and factory approved sealers for your replacements and you are sure to be more than happy with the results. Since OEM glass is manufactured to the specifications of the car, it has the right curvature to fit perfectly. Stringent tests during the manufacturing process ensure that the OEM windshield glass is resilient enough to keep pace with your BMW.

    Since 5 Series Windshield replacement is a much more expensive affair than repairs, it is a good idea to carry out comparison shopping to identify affordable service. Use our online request for quote form and ensure that you fill in details of your car brand, year of manufacture, the type of glass you seek etc, to find accurate prices for 5 Series Windshield replacements.

  • BMW 528i Auto Glass Quotes

    Parts and labor vary by location. Here are some recent quotes we've provided to customers like you.

    Car Glass Quote Date Location
    2014 BMW 528i Windshield with heads up display and rain sensor $525.00 2022-08-06 Los Angeles, CA
    2014 BMW 528i Back glass $704.98 2022-07-22 Las Vegas, NV
    2014 BMW 528i Windshield $539.99 2022-07-22 Las Vegas, NV
    2016 BMW 528i Windshield with rain sensor $385.00 2021-08-31 Escondido, CA
    2010 BMW 528i Windshield $325.00 2021-06-08 Lake Elsinore, CA
    2014 BMW 528i Passenger rear door glass $484.04 2021-04-21 Los Angeles, CA
    2013 BMW 528i Windshield with rain sensor $599.54 2021-04-18 Harrisonburg, VA
    2013 BMW 528i Windshield $325.00 2021-03-09 Santa Ana, CA
    1997 BMW 528i Windshield $344.77 2020-11-24 Indianola, MS
    2011 BMW 528i Windshield $414.50 2020-11-19 Stockton, CA
    2013 BMW 528i Windshield $440.52 2020-11-17 Garner, NC
    2012 BMW 528i Windshield $414.50 2020-10-07 Gladewater, TX
    2009 BMW 528i Windshield $450.00 2020-09-18 San Jose, CA
    2009 BMW 528i Windshield $422.92 2020-09-12 Pittsburg, CA
    2008 BMW 528i Windshield $384.61 2020-09-07 Cincinnati, OH
    1999 BMW 528i Windshield $314.85 2020-08-29 Brooklyn, NY
    2008 BMW 528i Windshield $384.61 2020-08-23 Hialeah, FL
    2014 BMW 528i Windshield $400.19 2020-08-19 Long Beach, CA
    2016 BMW 528i Windshield with rain sensor $400.19 2020-08-07 Las Vegas, NV
    2014 BMW 528i Windshield $366.35 2020-07-31 Santa Clarita, CA
    2016 BMW 528i Windshield $397.57 2020-07-25 Lake Harbor, FL
    2013 BMW 528i Back glass $450.00 2020-07-22 Fremont, CA
    1997 BMW 528i Windshield $355.10 2020-07-15 Suitland, MD
    2015 BMW 528i Driver rear door glass $389.69 2020-07-08 Baton Rouge, LA
    2000 BMW 528i Windshield $345.78 2020-07-07 Benton City, WA
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