2014 Hyundai Sonata

The 2014 Hyundai Sonata comes in two versions the Hybrid version and the standard version.  When looking for windshield replacement on the standard version you want to make sure you know which windshield you have since there are two windshield part types available for this vehicle.  One part type has a heated wiper park area and the other does not.  The easiest way to determine which replacement windshield you need is look inside the car there is a button that looks like a windshield and it has an led that lights up when you push it in.  It's called a wiper deicer or you can lift up the windshield wipers and see if you can see a black line within the windshield that's always a quick way.

Reasons Glass, Windows and Windshields are breaking around the United States

I hear some funny stories while talking to customers daily and some  stand out more then others.  Most of the time if I am not extraordinarily busy I will ask how it happened and about 90 percent of the time I get an answer the other 10 percent of the time the person is either so upset they don't want to share the reason why the breakage happened.
  1. Hit a pole and it shattered the back glass
  2. person woke up one morning and there was a crack on the right side of the windshield and within one month the crack had spread across the entire windshield
  3. In the DC Area there is a lot of construction on the 95 and a rock had jumped up out of no where and struck the windshield breaking the glass
  4. A Honda Odyssey had a allen wrench thrown thru the window
  5. A Break in for a book bag (this is a common problem when you leave anything valuable or looks like it could contain something valuable in it)
  6. Another vehicle got hit by a rock on the way to work
  7. Rear view mirror came off and when trying to reattach it it caused the windshield to crack.
Everyday there is always a few new stories and that's what makes the day interesting.  If you encounter a broken window in your vehicle give us a call and we can replace your glass.  We offer mobile service throughout the U.S.  We offer discounts to Military and Teachers.    

Today’s Broken Windshield Highlights

So recently I realized I have a treasure trove of stories on how windows, windshields, quarter glass, vent glass, side glass and back glass break.   I started to take notes on all my calls for the day and am going to share those with my audience.   Today here's the list of reasons of why windows broke......  
  1. Backed into a mailbox
  2. Break in
  3. Chip in it and it cracked as soon as it got cold and below freezing
  4. following a truck and a rock came thru started as a little chip and turned into a huge crack
  5. ran into something
  6. Rock Chip
  7. Heat running inside the car and the window was cold and the person slammed the door and broke it
  8. Crazy EX Girlfriend Driver Front Door Glass
  9. Rock Chipped it first and then it spread
  10. The Club (The steering wheel car security device) tapped the windshield and cracked it.   He said he barely tapped it however it doesn't take much pressure to break a windshield.  I once seen a man karate chop a windshield from the inside of a mustang and break the windshield!!!

Windshield Broken by Deer

Last week 4 of our customers hit deer with their vehicles some instances the deer hit them. I know a lot of people don't believe in population control or killing animals however deer become very dangerous when you put them in on the road in front of cars. Some people will swerve to miss them and end up in the opposite lane of oncoming traffic and get into head on collisions killing innocent people over over populated animals. Deer naturally don't have very many predators and due to the vast amounts of corn and other food resources the United States offers deer are all over the place. November is the hunting season and also is a season for breeding for deer called "Rut" Basically deer start fighting and running around wild protecting their territory. They have deer "rubs" which are basically trees where they scratch the velvet off their antlers and rub them to demonstrate their size and also their territory. When Deer meets car or Deer meets windshield usually something on the car gets broken and it's usually a side window, side mirror or even a windshield. I've had a personal friend have all of his windows broken out of a late model Chevrolet Cavalier because the Buck (Adult Male Deer) ran smack dab into the drivers side window striking his vehicle at a high speed and the pressure ended up breaking every other window out in the car besides the windshield. The Buck's hoof hit my friend in the ear causing him to get glass in his ear as well. Not so pleasant but I know there are many other stories. I started this post to demonstrate the dangers of Deer and car windows for those people who don't realize the dangers involved with the white tail deer and automobiles. I'm going to start with a Toyota Prius that we fixed yesterday that was hit last week. This was deer #4 that we had for the week so we finally realized we needed to showcase this story. Luckily no person was hurt however the deer unfortunately did not make it.    


This week was rather interesting we had some interesting calls.  We received two calls in which deer were involved in the broken windshields however it is the "Rut" season and deer are running around wild.  The vast majority of our calls seem to be rocks hitting windshields however from time to time we do get a few interesting stories.  This week we had a boyfriend break a window on his girlfriend's aunt's minivan.  We also had a few break ins one in particular that stood out the person informed me his wedding ring was stolen out of his bag in his car.  Most of our break in calls end up happening because someone left a bag or something of value in sight.  Our recommendation is to remove all items from your vehicle and place them in your trunk or under the seat.  By leaving valuable items or items that look like they might contain items of value in your car on your seat you are tempting these thieves to break your glass and steal your stuff.  Apple items are a very hot item now and we get a few calls a week where iPads are being stolen so if you have an iPad, macbook air, iPhone, iPhone, iPod, macbook pro or any Apple anything make sure you lock it up in the trunk, glove compartment, hide it underneath your seat or better yet bring it with you.  Taking the proper precautions will keep you having to call us and spend money on broken windows.

2012 Hyundai Equus

The 2012 Hyundai Equus is a 4 door Sedan and is a higher end Hyundai vehicle and with that being said when it comes to a windshield replacement for a Hyundai Equus it can be a little more complicated then an average vehicle the main reason is the different options this vehicle has.  Let's first start with the windshield. The windshield has 4 different options and they are as follows:   1) RAIN SENSOR~SOLAR~HEATED WIPER PARK AREA 2) RAIN SENSOR~SOLAR~ACOUSTIC INTERLAYER~HEATED WIPER PARK AREA 3) RAIN SENSOR~SOLAR~ACOUSTIC INTERLAYER~HEATED WIPER PARK AREA~W/LANE DEPARTURE WARNING~CONDENSATION SENSOR 4) RAIN SENSOR~SOLAR~HEATED WIPER PARK AREA~W/LANE DEPARTURE WARNING All windshields will come with a combination of Green Tint/Blue Shade band at the top for extra UV Protection. The costs can vary depending on OE, OEM or Aftermarket Brand Glass.  Costs can differ from company to company for other reasons like how far you are located to their location i.e.. Drive Time so distance plays a factor in to price.  Even if you are in the same city sometimes their location, the warehouse location and drive time all factor into their price quote because let's be honest time is money.  Also, it may depend on their schedule if they aren't busy they may give you a more aggressive price quote then they normally would that's the nature of the business too.  Other factors to consider are warranty a good company will offer a good warranty against air leaks, water leaks basically poor workmanship.  You must also be cautious because some companies cut corners and don't use proper methods or procedures while taking apart your vehicle and putting it back together for example stripping out screws, scratching your vehicle on the inside, scratching the paint or not using primer which while help ensure a safe installation and prevent your vehicle from rusting if they happen to scratch it during the windshield extraction process.  Companies that offer a national warranty have slightly higher prices but when using a larger company with a nationwide warranty you essentially have more coverage and more flexibility if you move from your current location a small glass company doesn't have the capability to do that.   Call For A Windshield Replacement Quote on your Equus today!  (855) 328-8001