Chevrolet Express Van Windshield Replacement

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  • These are real price quotes customers received from Please note, these are from across the nation from different companies. You will need to speak with a service manager about your quote to get an accurate price.
    Vehicle Part Quote Date Location
    2005 Chevrolet Express Van Van Side Window (Passenger Side) Replacement $196.77 09/14/10 Carmichael CA, 95608
    2006 Chevrolet Express Van Windshield Replacement $201.00 07/06/10 Houston TX, 77073
    2000 Chevrolet Express Van Side Window (Passenger Side) Replacement $175.00 06/15/10 Cedar Hill TX, 75104
    1999 Chevrolet Express Van Windshield Replacement $257.00 06/04/10 Batavia IL, 60510
    2004 Chevrolet Express Van Windshield Replacement $220.00 04/11/10 Newark NJ, 07103
    2000 Chevrolet Express Van Windshield Replacement $210.00 02/16/10 Detroit MI, 48215
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    Chevrolet Express Van Windshield Replacement

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    ·  Company Type: Division of General Motors 

    ·  Years in operation: 1911-Present

    ·  Years in production:  1911-Present

    ·  Headquarters:Detroit, Michigan; (founded in 1911)

    ·  Locations: Global

    ·  Chevrolet OEM : Pilkington

                    ·  2012 Chevrolet Express Van Models: Chevrolet Express Van


    Chevrolet Express Van Windshield

    The Chevy Express van is a spacious vehicle that gives you max storage without sacrificing seating capacity or comfort. The auto glass parts may vary depending on which version of Express you own. For example, some passenger vans come with three door panes while others come with four to cover the sides in addition to the Chevrolet Express Van Windshield and twin rear panes. In some others you can opt for sliding glass panes instead of pull out doors.

    Tell your auto glass technician the exact specifications of your Express so that he can source the right parts for you when you need service for your Chevrolet Express Van Windshield or other auto glass parts. Only an experienced technician will be able to assess the needs for a repair or replacement accurately. Locate such experienced and expert professionals in your neighborhood by browsing through our directory.

    Repairing the Windshield and other Auto Glass

    Getting the Chevrolet Express Van Windshield or any other auto glass repaired is a simple task and also a cost effective one. Repairing a single crack on your front windshield may cost around $120 while getting three to five cracks repaired may cost around $175. A trained and qualified technician will be able to complete the repair in about an hour leaving you free to drive away with a fully restored windshield before your workday starts. Opting for a repair instead of replacement also allows you to retain the high quality factory seal of the windshield.

    In general, if your Chevy’s auto glass parts sustain 1 to 5 cut cracks or small combi cracks the technician can repair them quite effectively. If the damage is more extensive or if driving visibility is impaired, say with a spider crack over the acute area, then he may recommend replacing the Chevrolet Express Van Windshield.

    Call in a trustworthy technician to assess damage sustained by your Chevrolet Express Van Windshield as soon as you spot it. Timely repairs give you the most effective outcomes.

    Replacement Advice

    When the Chevrolet Express Van Windshield needs to be replaced, just fill in our online quote form for a competitive quote from our exclusive provider. We carry out a lot of research about the auto glass shops in your neighborhood to identify the one offering the best deals and best service. Remember that replacements can be quite costly so choosing a shop that offers great prices means great savings for you.

    Here are some estimates that will give you an idea of what you may have to spend.
    Front windshield of a 2010 van (with bracket) will cost around $335. Replacing the same glass on an older model may be cheaper, around $310 for a 2004 model.